News : Best Spanish 10k Car Brand on a happy day in Alcobendas

News : Best Spanish 10k Car Brand on a happy day in Alcobendas

Car, upon arrival at the finish line in Alcobendas / Alcobendas Deportes

The Madrid-born Fernando Carro, Spanish record holder of 3,000 m hurdles, achieved this Sunday the best Spanish mark in history in a 10 km road race with a time of 27:46 which, however, for regulatory reasons cannot be homologated as national record. Marta García from León was the winner in the female category with a time of 32:38 which places her fifth in the Spanish ranking of all time.

The official Spanish 10K record is still held by the Aragonese Toni Abadía, who credited a record of 27:48 on March 17, 2018 in Laredo (Cantabria), but Carro is already the Spanish athlete who has covered the distance in less time.

First road competition in the COVID era in Spain

The Alcobendas 10K was the first road competition on the Spanish calendar since February 29, when the covid-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of all tests. “Beyond the brand, which could not be a record for Spain, it was very important to recover sport as health in a responsible and safe way, return to normality and routine ”, Carro said after crossing the finish line exhausted.

They participated, leaving in waves of 60, more than half a thousand runners, forced to wear masks until two minutes before the start, but the great protagonist was Fernando Carro, (8: 05.69), who faced the challenge of achieving the best Spanish mark in a race of 10 km en route.

The Alcobendas route did not meet the requirements for homologation of records. Article 260.21 of the competition regulations requires that between start and finish there is no more than one meter of favorable slope per kilometer, and here it reached 80: the first half gently descending and the second flat.

It had the mark of the San Silvestre

Carro had made his best mark in a 10k last year, with 28:19 at the San Silvestre Vallecana and had four quality hares to lower those 27:48. Luismi Martín Berlanas, his predecessor as Spanish obstacle record holder, shot at the beginning, and then Jesús España, Roberto Alaiz and Yago Rojo (who will run his first marathon in Valencia in December).

The proposed rhythm was 2:47 per km with the plan to cover all 5 in 13:50. The second hare, Jesus Spain, European champion of 5,000 in 2006 -beating the British Mo Farah-, had to take the group to km 3 in 8:21 (he passed in 8:24). The third man in shooting work was Roberto Alaiz from Leon, recovered this year for athletics after a string of injuries.

Very fast first 5k

They passed km 5 in 13:39, eleven seconds faster than planned. There I took the Yago Rojo point -bronze in the national 10,000-, which had the mission of taking Carro to km 7 in 19:29, although he had to leave a little earlier.

Carro was left alone before the seventh kilometer, which passed at 19:15. Two thousand after the finish, he still had, on the goal, an income of 9 seconds that when attacking the last kilometer had been reduced to 2. True to his agonistic style, Carro, in a distance that is not his, kept the pace in the last kilometer to finish lowering the mark of Toni Abadía by two seconds.

He was very comfortable in the first few kilometers – Carro pointed out -, wrapped up by friends, joking and with a good stride. When I was alone I had a moment of doubt, but everyone yelled at me to have confidence. In the last kilometer I was a bit swollen, but since I have that good right hook, we did it ”.

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