News : Best Spanish brand in the history of the hour for Dani Mateo

News : Best Spanish brand in the history of the hour for Dani Mateo

Dani Mateo has made history in La Nucía

Marathon runner Daniel Mateo smashed the track hour record, which was owned by Mariano Haro since 1975, on Tuesday when he traveled 20,597 meters at the Camilo Cano Olympic Stadium in the Alicante town of La Nucía.

The soriano surpassed the 20,493 meters completed by the Valladolid athlete in a test in which he also achieved, in the intermediate steps, the best Spanish mark in the history of the 15,000 meters with a time of 43:45. He beat Haro’s mark for 20 seconds, and that of 20,000, with 59:18, 19 seconds less than the long-distance runner from Valladolid.

Fancy hares

The athlete had the collaboration of Houssame Benabbou, David Bascuñana and Ibrahim Chakhir, who acted as hares for the runner from Soria. At 9 kilometers, Daniel Mateo was left alone and without references after the abandonment of the hares, which in principle complicated his forecasts, but he raised the pace and improved all intermediate steps since then.

“I saw it very difficult, I felt very supported by the teammates and by the coach,” said the Soriano, who thanked Mariano Haro “for opening the way.” At the same time, Martín Fiz also ran possible distance in the M55 category with several veteran athletes.

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