News : Biathlon World Cup 2020/21 in Nove Mesto: Herrmann second in the sprint – Norwegian Eckhoff wins again

News : Biathlon World Cup 2020/21 in Nove Mesto: Herrmann second in the sprint – Norwegian Eckhoff wins again

After the disappointing World Cup in Pokljuka, it goes biathlonWorld cup continue in Nove Mesto. From March 4th to 14th, the biathletes will fight for victory in the Czech Republic.

Biathlon World Cup 2021 for women in Nove Mesto: In THESE disciplines the women compete

From March 12th to 14th, the relay, sprint and pursuit for the ski athletes are on the competition schedule. We reveal how winter sports fans can follow the biathlon event from Nove Mesto live on TV and live stream here.

Biathlon World Cup 2021 for women in Nove Mesto: schedule for relay, sprint and pursuit at a glance

date Beginning discipline
03/04/2021 4:05 p.m. 4 x 6 km relay
03/06/2021 11.00 a.m. 7.5 km sprint
07.03.2021 12:00 p.m. 10 km pursuit
03/12/2021 5.30 p.m. 7.5 km sprint
03/13/2021 5.15 p.m. 10 km pursuit
03/14/2021 10:25 a.m. Mixed season
03/14/2021 1.45 p.m. Single mixed relay

The German squad for the Biathlon World Cup in Nove Mesto

Surname Age World title * Overall World Cup **
Maren Hammerschmidt, Winterberg 31 0/1 34
Denise Herrmann, Oberwiesenthal 32 1/0 12th
Janina Hettich, Schönwald 24 0 19th
Vanessa Hinz, Schliersee 28 0/3 30th
Franziska Preuss, Hague 26 0/1 6th
Benedikt Doll, Breitnau 30th 1/0 13th
Johannes Kühn, Reit im Winkl 29 0 39
Erik Lesser, Eintracht Frankenhain 32 1/1 14th
Arnd Peiffer, Clausthal-Zellerfeld 33 2/3 12th
Roman Rees, Schauinsland 27 0 32
Vanessa Voigt 23 0 0

* World title in singles / World title with relay

** Current position in the overall World Cup

Biathlon World Cup 2020/21: All results at a glance

How the biathletes fared at the World Cup and what biathlon fans need to know about the tournament is revealed here in the results overview.

+++ March 12th, 2021: Herrmann second in the World Cup sprint – Norwegian Eckhoff wins again +++

Biathlete Denise Herrmann secured her third podium of the season at the World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. The 32-year-old was clear for the first time this winter and took a strong second place in the penultimate World Cup sprint. On Friday, the Saxon only had to admit defeat to Tiril Eckhoff, who was outstanding this season. In her sixth sprint win in a row, the Norwegian was 6.1 seconds faster than Herrmann despite a penalty loop. Third place went to the also faultless Italian Dorothea Wierer (+ 10.5 seconds).

Because she made a mistake, Franziska Preuss missed her third podium of the winter. One day after her 27th birthday, the Bavarian crossed the finish line in fourth, 17.3 seconds behind Eckhoff. Had she, like Herrmann, been flawless for the first time, it would have been enough to win her second World Cup. Both created an excellent starting position for the pursuit on Saturday (5.30 p.m. / ZDF and Eurosport).

Janina Hettich, Vanessa Hinz, Maren Hammerschmidt and Anna Weidel disappointed and crossed the finish line.

+++ March 7th, 2021: Herrmann second in the pursuit – Norwegian Eckhoff wins again +++

Denise Herrmann came second in the pursuit at the Biathlon World Cup in Nove Mesto. The 32-year-old missed only one of her 20 shots and only had to admit defeat to the Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff after a convincing performance. In her safe start-finish success, the four-time Pokljuka world champion made three mistakes and was 24 seconds ahead of Herrmann after ten kilometers. Marte Olsbu Röiseland from Norway secured third place on Sunday (3 errors / + 29.9 seconds). With the tenth win of the season, Eckhoff extended their lead in the overall standings.

Franziska Preuß (2 mistakes) in fifth and Vanessa Hinz (1) in eleventh were also able to deliver good performances. Maren Hammerschmidt finished 30th, Janina Hettich gave up the race.

Herrmann had to skip the mass start at the World Cup due to an infection and was spared the start of the World Cup in the Czech Republic in the relay debacle with twelfth place. After finishing tenth in the sprint, she now achieved her second podium of the season after finishing second in the first race of the season at the end of November 2020.

+++ March 6th, 2021: After the season debacle: Preuss and Herrmann run in the top ten +++

In the relay debacle with twelfth place, biathlete Denise Herrmann is still spared, but attacks again in the sprint. It’s not enough for the podium. But she and Franziska Preuss perform well. That gives hope to the persecution.

The German biathletes succeeded in making amends after their relay debacle, but they missed a podium in the Nove Mesto World Cup sprint despite good performances. After a shooting error each, Franziska Preuss and last year’s winner Denise Herrmann finished eighth and tenth on Saturday. This gave both of them a good starting position for the final pursuit on Sunday (12 noon / ZDF and Eurosport). Preuss has to catch up to sprint winner Tiril Eckhoff by 25.1 seconds, Herrmann 29.1 seconds. For the Norwegian world champion, it was the fifth sprint victory in a row with which the 30-year-old extended her lead in the overall World Cup.

“I’m quite satisfied. I managed to shoot a solid rhythm, but this one mistake is annoying,” said Preuss, the most stable of the DSV team this season, on ZDF. That’s pretty much the time for a penalty loop, without Preuss would have made it onto the podium.

Preuss had started the race with starting number one and only left her third shot in the standing position. With Herrmann it was the first one lying flat. Only seven of the 106 starters came through without a mistake, so that the shooting performance of the Germans can be rated positively. In the cross-country ski run, like in the relay disaster with twelfth place, it wasn’t one hundred percent again. Herrmann was still the best with the seventh running time.

“In terms of running, I didn’t feel particularly good. I hope that tomorrow will be easier on my feet. I will take the positive feeling from shooting with me,” said Preuss, referring to the hunting race. Herrmann, who was spared because of an infection in the relay, was “really quite satisfied” in view of the training failure, especially with the shooting.

“After such a physical scramble, the running is not where I want to go and what I can do. I hope that it will be even better in the next few days,” said the 32-year-old. On the final lap she had a “small fall”, “even before my trainer’s feet, I could have saved it,” said the Saxon.

Flawless Maren Hammerschmidt (31) finished the race in 20th, Vanessa Hinz (28) crossed the finish line in 23rd. Janina Hettich (24) finished 29th and World Cup debutant Vanessa Voigt (23) missed qualifying for the pursuit in 64th place.

+++ 04.03.2021: German biathletes with relay only World Cup eleventh +++

The German biathletes disappointed across the board in the last relay race of the season and clearly missed a podium. At the start of the World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, Maren Hammerschmidt, Vanessa Hinz, Janina Hettich and Franziska Preuß had to be content with eleventh place on Thursday. The Germans delivered the worst season result in history at the World Cup in December 2019 in Hochfilzen in twelfth place. With that they also lost the small crystal ball in the relay ranking.

Without Denise Herrmann, who was spared after an infection, the DSV quartet managed a total of ten spare rounds and was 1: 57.7 minutes behind the victorious Swedes after 4×6 kilometers. Second place went to Belarus and third place to France.

Only Preuss, the final runner, delivered a convincing performance. Herrmann, who won silver at the World Cup in Pokljuka with Hinz, Hettich and Preuss, is said to be back in the sprint on Saturday and in the pursuit that followed on the following day.

+++ 03.03.2021: World Cup in Nove Mesto: Last biathlon season without Herrmann +++

Without Denise Herrmann, the German biathletes will contest the last relay race of the season at the World Cup opener in Nove Mesto. The 32-year-old, who was still on the silver team at the World Cup in Pokljuka, will be spared in the Czech Republic. “Denise cured her infection well last week, but only started intensive training this week,” said discipline trainer Kristian Mehringer on Wednesday. With a view to the weekend with sprint and pursuit as well as the two upcoming World Cup weeks, again in Nove Mesto and then in Östersund, Sweden, it is a “pure precautionary measure”.

The DSV women will start on Thursday (4:05 p.m. / ZDF and Eurosport) with the unprecedented line-up of Maren Hammerschmidt, Vanessa Hinz, Janina Hettich and Franziska Preuß. At the World Cup in Slovenia, Hinz, Hettich, Herrmann and Preuß took silver behind Norway.

In the relay World Cup ranking, Germany leads with 216 points ahead of Sweden and France (both 196). In the five relay races of the season so far, the German ski hunters have only been off the podium once.

+++ 02.03.2021: Biathlete Voigt makes her World Cup debut in Nove Mesto +++

The young Thuringian biathlete Vanessa Voigt is making her World Cup debut in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. As the German Ski Association announced on Tuesday, the 23-year-old from WSV Rotterdam will be part of the German squad for the first time. Voigt recently earned the starting place through three victories in the second-class IBU Cup. “I didn’t really expect that in advance. So I’m all the happier about it now,” said Voigt.

Two World Cups will take place in a row in Nove Mesto from Thursday. After the disappointing World Championships in Pokljuka, where there were only two medals for the German ski hunters, in addition to Voigt, the women’s World Cup starters Denise Herrmann, Franziska Preuß, Maren Hammerschmidt, Janina Hettich and Vanessa Hinz will be there.

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