News : Bibiana Steinhaus and Deniz Aytekin must be in referee examination

News :

Bibiana Steinhaus and Deniz Aytekin must be in referee examination

FIFA referee Aytekin, like Tobias Welz and Marco Fritz, broke off the performance tests in the training camp in Grassau am Chiemsee. Steinhaus, who had injured herself at the Women's World Cup in France, was missing.

A corresponding report of the "Bild" newspaper confirmed the German Football Association (DFB) on Thursday. "Of course, seven currently injured referees unusually much, as one can already speak of a special injury pitch, but such phases exist in every sports team, unfortunately, from time to time," said Lutz Michael Fröhlich, sports director of the elite referees, the German Press Agency , He promised: "So we will not have too few referees at the start of the season."

Steinhaus is missing since the women's World Cup injured

Steinhaus, the only referee in the men's Bundesliga, had left the Women's World Cup in France early because of a muscle injury. The 40-year-old from Hanover has not yet returned to full training, she is in her third year in the upper house. For health reasons Manuel Gräfe, Benjamin Brand and Sören Storks were missing in the performance test.

The Bundesliga does not begin until 16 August. As a prelude to the top referee but also the games of the 2nd and 3rd League and the DFB Cup apply. According to a DFB spokesman, it would not be a problem for a referee to enter directly into the first league.

Aytekin: "Soil was wet, I slipped"

"The limits were never a problem for me otherwise, the floor was wet, I slipped," said the 40-year-old Aytekin of the "Bild". The association had announced on Wednesday that the referee from Oberasbach (163 Bundesliga inserts) is awarded for the first time as referee of the year.

"Deniz Aytekin noticed some problems in the thigh muscles during the performance test and then stopped them to avoid a worse injury," said Fröhlich. "Tobias Welz suffered a toe break shortly before the end of last season and was only able to start running again recently." It is optimistic that both will pass the exam before the Bundesliga start. The same applies to Steinhaus.

The tests have it all: In six passes, first 40 meters in six seconds must be sprinted, in between there is a break of only 60 seconds. In the "High Intensity Test" the endurance is checked - in ten laps over 400 meters. There are always 75 meters sprints (not 15 seconds) and 25 meters gone. According to "kicker" data, two referee assistants remained above the required time.

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