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Bicycle handlebar bags and bikepacking - Offers and best models

Bicycle handlebar bags

The bicycle handlebar bags are currently the star accessory in the world of cycling. An article that for years had been forgotten and that today with the arrival of Bikepacking is one of the most sought after on the internet.

The truth is that the concept of bicycle handlebar bags It can be quite extensive since it can go from the small designer bag that allows you to carry a puncture kit, warm clothes and some food until handlebar saddlebags more resistant. They are all handlebar bags, but it goes without saying that its use is totally different. Amazon, Decathlon and other reference portals offer very competitive prices on these products. Let's find out!

Bicycle handlebar bags

Rockbros handlebar bag

An excellent purchase option for those looking for a small handlebar bag is this Rockbros. A thin waterproof layer covers the exterior and is responsible for protecting your belongings from possible downpours. The bag fits perfectly on all types of bicycle. The almost 2 liters of capacity are ideal to face your routine outings. Food, clothing, documentation or a repair kit will be some of the objects that you can carry comfortably. In addition, with the adjustable shoulder strap the bag becomes a portable and easily removable item. The design is ergonomic and discreet. The price of the handlebar bag is 28 euros and you can buy it through the following link.

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BTR handlebar saddlebag

If you are looking for a type handlebar bag backpack or compact saddlebag the BTR model that you have available on Amazon is an excellent option.

With a tremendously functional design the bag is made of high quality fabric and a very resistant polyester. In addition, it is easily attached to the handlebar without any type of accessory. 3 velcro straps are more than enough to guarantee a good support and optimal comfort during the route. The balance is minimal and the bike is very well integrated between the two brake levers.

In terms of storage capacity, the BTR saddlebag is ideal to carry everything you need to enjoy a bikepacking route of several days traveling some of the best routes in the world. In the company of a back bag is more than enough to spend a week or two away from home.

The bag is lined with waterproof fabric and features a removable shoulder strap as well as several zippered compartments for storing a phone, food, clothing, wallet, or a basic repair kit among other items. The dimensions of the bag are 32 x 16 x 11. You can buy this handlebar saddlebag BTR on Amazon through the following link. Hardly 17 euros for a minimal investment that will easily be rewarded.

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Tourbon Bicycle Handlebar Bag

If you are looking for something else minimalist and elegant Maybe you're interested in the Tourbon handlebar bag.

Its capacity is very limited but more than enough to face your routine outings. Thanks to this elegant handlebar bag, you just had to carry your jersey pockets full to the flag. The outer canvas is waterproof so you won't have to worry about your personal items when it starts to rain.

Made in high quality canvas and leather Genuine can easily store bicycle tools, a mini air pump, wallet, phone or food. It can be mounted on the saddle and the handlebar thanks to the practical adjustable leather strap. The vintage design is very fine and will give a unique touch of elegance to your bike. Magnificent option that you have available through the following link for less than 30 euros.

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Lixada adjustable handlebar bag

Lixada offers a adjustable handlebar bag tremendously interesting for those cyclists who want something versatile and that adapts quickly to different circumstances.

Zipper design allows for easy storage and retrieval of items without the need to open the entire bag. In addition, the product can be used as a backpack on both road and gravel or mountain bikes.

The bag has a maximum capacity of 7 liters and the length it reaches is 50cm. The outer fabric is 100% waterproof so you will not have to worry about the state of your belongings.

The velcro is of quite high quality and resists the passage of time really well. For me one of the best frontpacks for bikepacking. 27 euros of investment that will be quickly amortized by the excellent support it offers. You can buy the Lixada adjustable handlebar bag through the following purchase link.

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Handlebar bag for Smartphone

If you usually train in areas where it tends to rain a lot and you are tired of having to protect your Smartphone every two times, this handlebar bag is the definitive solution. Thanks to this bag that adjusts by means of a comfortable strap system You can carry a protected mobile phone. In addition, the 2.5 liters of storage is more than enough to carry small valuables such as keys, money, food, repair tools or an external battery.

With this handlebar cycling bag you can follow routes with your mobile phone as it is fully visible. The bag is wear and water resistant. The cover is waterproof and it will keep your most precious objects in a totally sealed way. You can buy the handlebar bag for Smartphone through the following purchase link on Amazon. Its price is less than 20 euros.

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Selighthing front bag

If you are looking for something more compact, this front bag is perhaps a good option. The square design is not so aerodynamic, but it is extremely comfortable and allows you to maintain excellent maneuverability on descents. The sides are more robust and valuable garments are always somewhat more protected. its capacity is 4.5 liters and the dimensions are 21 x 12 x 17cm. The fastening is carried out by 3 very comfortable and easily adjustable velcro straps. The price is 28.99 and in the following link you have it available in various colors.

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