News : Bielefeld – Leipzig in the live ticker: RB wins narrowly and shortened to Bayern

News : Bielefeld – Leipzig in the live ticker: RB wins narrowly and shortened to Bayern

Bundesliga, matchday 26: RB Leipzig wins in Bielefeld – and remains hot on the heels of leaders Bayern

RB Leipzig does its duty on the 26th matchday of the Bundesliga with flying colors. Julian Nagelsmann’s team dominates Arminia Bielefeld at will and remains closely on the heels of championship leaders FC Bayern. The game in the ticker log.

Arminia Bielefeld – RB Leipzig 0: 1 (0: 0)

0: 1 Sabitzer (46th)

Bielefeld: Ortega – Lucoqui, Nilsson, Pieper, Brunner – Okugawa (Voglsammer, 84th), Maier, Prietl, Doan – Klos, Vlap (Cordoba, 69th)
Gulacsi – Klostermann, Orban, Halstenberg – Adams, Sabitzer, Kampl, Haidara – Nkunku, Olmo (Poulsen, 78th), Forsberg (Hwang, 69th)

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The essentials in brief: RB Leipzig achieved a mandatory win at Arminia Bielefeld in the Bundesliga title race. The team of coach Julian Nagelsmann won on Friday against the harmless and still very relegation-threatened Arminia 1-0 (0-0).

Thanks to the goal from captain Marcel Sabitzer (46th minute), RB reduced the gap to league leaders FC Bayern Munich to one point before their game against VfB Stuttgart on Saturday. After the international break, the Saxons welcome Munich to a top game.

The game in the ticker log

90 + 3 minutes: Final whistle in Bielefeld. RB Leipzig wins and remains on the heels of FC Bayern.

90th minute: Three minutes of stoppage time.

88th minute: RB doesn’t seem to let anything go wrong here. The guests let the time run down confidently and even now let the ball run neatly through their own ranks.

86th Minute: Final phase in Bielefeld! You can still not imagine how the hosts want to score a goal here, but Arminia is now throwing everything forward again.

76th minute: Hwang takes the ball with him, technically worth seeing, and walks towards the box alone. At the last moment, however, the Leipziger is blocked by Nilsson!

72nd minute: After a free kick from Nkunku, Orban missed the fives by just inches. Leipzig dominates at will, but it’s only 1-0 for RB …

62nd minute: Leipzig keeps playing on the next goal. Haidara comes from 18 meters to the shot – but his flick is inches from the post.

56th minute: Sabitzer rises on the ball in midfield and slips away, resulting in a counterattack for Arminia. In the end, Klos comes to the end from a good position, but the leather clearly hits the box.

53rd minute: Arminia does not stand up, because the Nagelsmann-Elf consistently play forward and give Bielefeld no chance if this game is to come.

46th Minute: TOOOR for Leipzig! Nagelsmann seems to have found the right words in the cabin! Olmo plays a wonderful one-two with Nkunku through the opposing defense and then lays the ball perfectly across Sabitzer, who only has to push in from five meters. Great move! 0: 1.

46th minute: Let’s go on! No personnel changes after the break.

45th minute: Half time in Bielefeld. RB had 11 shots on goal and 74 percent possession, but it is still 0-0.

42nd Minute: And Ortega again! The Bielefeld goalkeeper can just raise his fist after a shot from Nkunku – and steer the leather against the crossbar!

39th minute: What a defensive battle – and that already in the first half. The people of Bielefeld hardly break free and stand closely spaced around their own 16s. RB is looking for the gap.

30th minute: It’s amazing that it’s still 0-0 here. After a perfect chip cross from Olmo, Halstenberg comes free to the header at the second post, but puts the leather over the box from five meters.

26th minute: huge opportunity for RB! Olmo pulls off centrally from 12 meters via dropkick, but Ortega can parry with one hand with an incredible reflex.

21st minute: Orban chips the leather on Forsberg, who takes the leather straight from 20 meters, but cannot surprise Ortega.

15th minute: It only goes in one direction. If someone from Bielefeld has the ball, it’s goalkeeper Ortega. Otherwise only RB plays here. The shots are now flown towards the Arminia keeper every minute.

13th minute: After a pass from Olmo Forsberg comes to the end from seven meters, but Ortega saves for a corner!

9th minute: The people of Bielefeld have to start defending themselves as soon as possible! The hosts completely lacked physicality up to this point. RB can play the ball back and forth without worries, the lead is in the air.

4th minute: First good chance! Olmo is unlocked in the 16. The Spaniard pulls out of the turn from ten meters, but the leather goes just over the crossbar.

3rd minute: Quiet start in Bielefeld, but the guests directly underline their favorite status. The Nagelsmann-Elf controls the leather and wants to develop their game here as quickly as possible.

1st minute: Let’s go – the ball rolls!

7.45 p.m.: The lineups are known!

6 p.m.: Welcome to the FOCUS Online live ticker. Should RB win the game, the chances of the championship are still intact. RB head coach Julian Nagelsmann emphasized: “But first we want to fix our clear goal of the Champions League and we are on the right track.”

RB no longer has the title race in their own hands after the 1-1 draw against Eintracht Frankfurt, four points behind Bayern. The record champions have to compete in Leipzig on April 3rd. “Every game up to the end of the season will be like a final in order to stay tuned to Bayern,” said Nagelsmann, who with his team also has a chance of making it to the cup final.

Bielefeld, on the other hand, wants to provide the next surprise. “I think this will be an exciting game,” said Arminia’s midfielder Arne Maier confidently. “If we stand safely behind it, it can definitely be something.”

The former U21 national player was last brought into the starting line-up by the new Bielefeld coach Frank Kramer after he was hardly used under his predecessor Uwe Neuhaus. Bielefeld scored four points in the three games.

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