News : Bills: Lawson supports family of murder victim

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Bills: Lawson supports family of murder victim

Munich / Anderson - Last Sunday, a tragedy occurred in Anderson, South Carolina. In the early morning hours, an armed man entered a family home and fired a total of 35 shots.

Three young girls who were sitting on the coach at the time of the crime in the living room of the house were victims of the shots. The 11-year-old Ja'Naiya Scott was injured by a bullet on a shoulder artery and died shortly afterwards of her injuries. Her sister and cousin were also injured and are currently being treated in the hospital.

The news of the violence triggered a wave of sympathy within a very short time. Defensive end Shaq Lawson of the Buffalo Bills hit the mark: "I have a little sister of that age, it could have hit one of my family members," Lawson said on Wednesday's "Greenville News".

Lawson wants to support the victim's family

According to the report, Lawson has had a brief conversation with Marshella Rice, the victim's mother, over the past few days and expressed his concern for the atrocity.

"I know her heart hurt," Lawson said. "I was so speechless that I could not say anything, I felt with her pain and felt the pain myself too, feeling like I would help right away if I could, it hit me right in the heart."

Lawson, who grew up in South Carolina, is said to have offered the relatives of the victim to pay for funeral expenses.

Taster search so far without success

The police are in the search for the culprit sometimes in the dark. The motives for the action are sometimes mistaken.

"Whoever did that would have to face up and tell the truth," Lawson said, "and whoever hides, it's wrong for you to hide, this is a little girl whose life was taken just pointless to kill people - especially an innocent child - she was home, a place where she should be safe. "

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