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Boils in cycling: concept, prevention and treatment

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Cyclists who have lived in their own meats the boil nightmare They will know perfectly well what we are going to talk about today.

The pain in the ass, punctures in the knee or irritations are some of the most common inconveniences in the cycling world. Discomforts that hinder sports activity but that on many occasions have an easy solution. A little rest or a visit to the trusted biomechanic can be enough to eliminate these ailments.

The same does not happen with the happy boils. An infection that becomes a real headache for all those who suffer.

Boils are the never ending story. When it seems that the worst has happened and that you are recovered you relapse again. Precisely for this reason it is very important to be clear about some prevention tips because in all this prevention is better than cure.

What is a boil?

The boil or boil is an infection in the root of some hair follicle that spreads rapidly to surrounding tissue.

The boils can appear individual or grouped and the most common area in which they appear are the armpits, the buttocks, the face or any other part of the body where there is hair.

This small protrusion appears in both men and women although the former tend to be somewhat more exposed due to their larger area with hair.

The appearance of boils is very similar to that of a grain or cyst. Initially they appear as an inflamed, reddish part that generates stinging and discomfort.

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The boils become a real headache for all those cyclists who suffer them

As the days go by, the boil tends to swell and get bigger, so it is important to detect them in time and begin timely treatment.

The presence of one or more boils is very annoying for athletes. In the case of cyclists, boils tend to be quite painful since they appear in the area of ​​the buttocks or crotch. Place that serves as a support point with the saddle and is therefore exposed to chafing.

Why do boils appear? Prevention tips

Cyclists are especially vulnerable to the appearance of boils. The long hours we spend on the saddle and the hot summer days are an important trigger for this type of infection.

There is no preventive treatment as such but there are a series of recommendations or advice as a prevention.

First of all it is essential to maintain good care of our personal hygiene. It is important to always keep the English areas clean and those closest to the year. Two very delicate points for this type of ailments. For this it is advisable not only to wash these areas of the body with soap and water but also to keep the skin hydrated with creams.

Another prevention board for boils refers to the quality and cleanliness of clothing. By this I mean especially the quality of the culotte and that of the badana.

To face long days on the bike it is important to be well equipped and all this begins with the equipment.

When choosing a culotte should look at the pad of the same. It is not easy to find a pad that suits our needs. Every cyclist is a world and its Quilting, breathability and support preferences can be varied.

It is also advisable to wash clothes after each departure. Something that may seem very obvious but that many cyclists ignore complaining about the excessive wear of clothes in each wash. If we do not wash the clothes, the lycra accumulates bacteria and all this increases the risk of infection.

Another interesting prevention technique is to apply pad cream. A substance specifically designed to care for and protect the skin of cyclists. It is a prevention product against sores that tries to minimize friction and aims to keep bacteria accumulation under control.

Boil treatment

If the previous prevention techniques have not worked and you are one of those who can already say loud and clear that a boil surely has the section that most interests you is the one that comes next.

How to treat a boil? This question arises to virtually all infected cyclists. A dangerous question as it has answers of all kinds and everyone looks forward to answering.

The treatment of the boil is very relative since the infection often tends to disappear after a few days. Simply resting and avoiding excessive sweating may be enough to eliminate the bump when it is small and is still in an initial phase (a small cyst).

In this first moment, another thing you can try is the slightly change the position on the bike. Varying the support point a few centimeters can relieve the pressure exerted directly on the affected area. To achieve this you can advance or delay the saddle a bit. Be very careful with this since in biomechanical terms a change of a couple of centimeters is a brutality. If you make changes, you should try to roll smoothly for a couple of hours to see how the joints fit into the new posture. Nothing to make big changes overnight. You may solve the boils but end up spoiling something much worse.

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carrying good equipment is essential for the prevention of boils

If the "lump" is greater, it is likely that to lower the inflammation we need something more than rest. In this case, the most recommended is see a doctor or a specialized dermatologist who can guide you with the right treatment.

At this point it is essential to maintain good body hygiene conditions and to relieve the burning sensation you can apply ice on the affected surface.

You can also lightly rub the area with a sterile gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide and salt. Once dry you can use to put some iodine. All this will prevent the infection from spreading on the surface. You can repeat this process 2-3 times a day.

Sometimes the application of antiseptic or some antibiotic ointments will be necessary but for this it will be necessary that you previously consult with a specialist.

In no case is it advisable to burst or cause suppuration of the boil since we can aggravate the infection. If you have doubts, the best thing you can do is ask for time with the dermatologist. Keep in mind that if you have spent several days with him it is very likely that he has accumulated pus.

Remember. The most important thing to beat the boils is patience. Many cyclists relapse for wanting to return early.

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