News : Boris Becker – Auction in the live ticker: trophies and socks under the hammer

News :

Boris Becker - Auction in the live ticker: trophies and socks under the hammer

+++ The compulsory auction in the ticker +++: Bares for Becker: Now his socks, trophies and shoes come under the hammer

Boris Becker must forcibly auction a Wimbledon Cup, a Bambi, an old sock and his well-worn tennis shoes. A total of 82 items owned by the tennis legend come under the hammer. Follow the auction now in the live ticker.

13:35: Boris Beckers British Insolvency Administrator Mark Ford Expects high proceeds from the auction. According to his statements, the first auction attempt last year had "very significant bids". However, the proceeds will not be enough to cover the millions debt of the tennis idol.

12:47: This ring, the Boris Becker 2003 when he was admitted to the Tennis Hall of Fame received, also comes under the hammer. He should bring in at least a high four-digit amount, if not more.

12:08 clock: VIP News just talked to the auction house in London. The online auction starts at 6:30 pm German time. Then anyone who wants something from Boris Becker - as I said from the Wimbledon Cup to the worn sock - can bid.

12.00: The Bambi Trophy got Boris Becker in 1985, when the former tennis hero was named "Man of the Year". Current bid: about 2000 euros.

11.40 clock: So far, the highest bid for a replica of the US Open Cup is 15,100 pounds (17,200 euros). Who the Bambi of Boris Becker wants to have more than the offered 2000 euros on the table. The Golden Camera of 1989 is currently at 1300 euros.

11:22 am: A total of 80 personal belongings by Boris Becker are exhibited in a London gallery. Included are a Golden Camera, a Bambi and a replica of the Wimbledon Cup.

11.13 clock: However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the African State spoke of a forgery. Announced in December Boris Becker then, he no longer claims diplomatic status. This cleared the way for foreclosure.

11.04 clock: Boris Becker was declared insolvent in 2017 by a bankruptcy court in London for unpaid debts. The three-time winner of the Wimbledon declared, a year ago, to the general surprise that he enjoyed diplomatic immunity: He had been appointed sports attaché of the Central African Republic's Representation to the EU in Brussels. Thus, the auction of his memorabilia was stopped for the time being.

10:56 am: There are 82 objects in total Boris Becker for sale, including tennis rackets, photos and watches of the former world ranking first. The auction of the Auction House Wyles Hardy runs until the 11th of July.

10:51 am: Last summer could Boris Becker to stop the foreclosure of his trophies and other souvenirs. But now starts an online auction.

10:42 am: The online auction features several replica trophies that the 51-year-old received for victories in major tournaments. Below is a copy of the Wimbledon Challenge Cup. For sale is also the finalist medal, the Becker after his defeat in the Wimbledon final against Swede Stefan Edberg in 1990.

10.20 am: Boris Becker Lastly, he resisted the auction of his personal belongings - but it did not help. Starting today, many valuable sports utensils and items will come under the hammer.

10:00 am: Hello and welcome to the compulsory auction of a total of 82 items from the private collection of ex-tennis star Boris Becker, VIP News is live!

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