News : Boris Becker: Trophy auction brings in over half a million euros

News :

Boris Becker: Trophy auction brings in over half a million euros

Boris Becker must forcibly auction a Wimbledon Cup, a Bambi, an old sock and his well-worn tennis shoes. A total of 82 items owned by the tennis legend come under the hammer. At the end there is a revenue of over 630,000 euros.

  • In the auction house "Wyles Hardy & Co." 82 items owned by Boris Becker were auctioned
  • The auctions ended on the afternoon of 11 July 2019
  • The auction brought in total proceeds of over 630,000 euros
  • The most expensive object was the US Open Trophy of 1989, it was sold for around 167,500 euros
  • Click here for the online auction of Wyles Hardy & Co.

Conclusion: The bids for many of the items from Becker's personal possessions such as watches, medals and trophies increased considerably in the last few hours. Some even more than ten times. For example, a copy of the 1988 Davis Cup trophy was auctioned for 52,100 pounds (about 58,000 euros). At the beginning of the week she had stood at 4000 pounds. The replica of a US Open Cup even scored £ 150,250 (the equivalent of around € 167,500). A Bambi was sold for 30,600 pounds.

The former tennis ace Becker had been declared bankrupt in 2017 by a British court. With the proceeds from the auction money for the creditors to be driven. Becker is currently working in his adopted home London at the Wimbledon tournament as a commentator on BBC television. Last year, the 51-year-old had managed to temporarily put the auction on hold, but now he had to part with his memorabilia.

8:15 pm: Comedian Oliver Pocher is said to have bought one of the trophies. According to "Bild" newspaper Pocher has bid for two glass trophies and won the contract. Once the Vice-Cup of the 1994 Tennis World Championships, on the other a trophy of the police in Calcutta. He should have paid over 25,000 euros for this. "Boris Becker is a German tennis legend who has given us many great afternoons and nights in front of the TV and now we should give something back and I gladly did my part," he says in the report.

18:05: The last four remaining objects are out of print. The total proceeds of the auction now stands at around 693,675 pounds, which corresponds to around 771,770 euros.

17:31: Shortly before the final auction ends, the total proceeds of the previously auctioned objects at around 490,000 pounds, which corresponds to about 550,000 euros.

5:15 pm: Even before the last objects have been auctioned, one can assume that at the auction a sum of over 500,000 euros has been achieved. There are still some very interesting and highly traded possessions of Boris Becker in the race.

17:03: The majority of the objects is already auctioned, we are on the finishing straight of the auction. The last few minutes are running, in which around ten objects can still be offered.

16:22: For his services in the year 1985 received Boris Becker with the Bambi as "Man of the Year", The golden sculpture changed at the auction at Wyles, Hardy and Co. for around 34,000 euros the owner.

16:06: Another valuable trophy has also been auctioned off. It is the cup for the victory in the Davis Cup 1988when the German team in Gothenburg beat the Swedish team. The trophy auctioned a buyer for around 58,000 euros,

15:46: What a sum! The trophy that Boris Becker for his success in the US Open 1989 has received, just went for no end more than 167,000 euros path. Thus, the cup should probably remain the most expensive object of the entire auction, looking at the previous bids of the remaining objects.

3:31 pm: A rather inconspicuous object goes for 1480 euros path. It is the small one "One '92" AwardBecker received in 1992 from the ARD sports show.

3:00 pm: New leader of the already gone over the Thresen objects is the golden trophy of the "Golden Camera" from 1989she brought rich 13,300 euros on. Boris Becker had received these for his three Wimbledon victories and as Tennis Player of the Year.

Boris Becker: Worn final shoes bring 3900 euros

14:51: Whether you can smell it or even in it history? Anyway, have a pair of Boris Becker worn tennis shoes just for around 3900 euros changed the owner. In these shoes Becker beat in the final of the Australian Open 1996 the Americans Micheal Chang with 6: 2, 6: 4, 2: 6, 6: 2.

14:35: The next object is auctioned off and in contrast to the previous objects this is a real bargain. For 590 euros have three silver commemorative coins found a new owner. All have as theme Beckers victories in Wimbledon.

2.30 pm: For some of the items, the time periods in which they can bid are gradually lengthened. Accordingly, it is quite possible that the end of the auction will occur much later than expected at 4:45 pm.

14:11: A Schaffhausen clock changes for around 7100 euros and a combination of training shirt and shorts from the "Tennis Hall of Fame" for 2260 euros the owner.

2.10 pm: First, said Schaffhausen clock for 10,100 euros and a bag with training shirt by Becker for about 900 euros over the counter.

From 14 o'clock the auctions end every two minutes

13:52: First of all, the auctions of four watches, whose bids are close to the end at the equivalent of around 1800 to 8100 euros end. We are curious to see how much the watches will go over the table.

13:29: Only about half an hour remains, then Boris Becker's devotional are auctioned. Starting at 2 pm, the total of 82 auctions will end in two-minute intervals, ie. until about 16.45 o'clock will run an auction every two minutes. This has the advantage that bidders who have not received an item can continue to bid on the next piece.

What Beckers memories currently cost

07:41: An overview of the current prices:

The original signed tennis racket is currently available for about 4500 euros. The Original Puma tennis racket from Boris Becker from the year 1988 is something very special. This racket was last exhibited in the "Tennis Hall of Fame" in Newport / Rhode Island (USA).

His original tennis shoes from the US Open in 1996, when he defeated Michael Chang in the final with 6: 2, 6: 4, 2: 6, 6: 2, are currently at 1140 euros.

The "Golden Camera", Boris Becker 1989 As the best tennis player and winner of three Wimbledon winners, you would get for 3400 Euro.

Last day of the Becker auction

Thursday, July 11, 7:37: Last auction day! If you still want to buy something from Beckers private items, you only have 6.5 hours left! The auction ends at 14.00 CET!

9:09 pm: You are currently in Wimbledon mood? This bronze medal was given to Boris Becker in 1994 for the semi-final in which he defeated the Yugoslav Goran Ivanisevic in three sets. So far, there is only one bidder for the medal - the current bid, however, is 6670 euros.

20:51: The book written by Robert Lübenoff "Becker Advantage" is currently at 289 euros. This German edition of the bound book was signed by Boris Becker himself.

13:13: The cups are also becoming more expensive. Are you interested in replicating the Davis Cup Trophy? Then you have to put currently 6900 euros on the table. You have time until tomorrow - then the auction ends!

13.07 clock: The 31 gram gold ringwhich Boris Becker received in Monte Carlo in 2018 for his inclusion in the "International Tennis Hall Of Fame", you can still purchase, but you have to dig much deeper into the bag than for the former sports outfit of the tennis legend , At just under 10,000 euros is the gold ring.

13:04: The former shirts and pants by Boris Becker have received their first bids in the meantime. Currently you can buy the set for 500 Euro!

1:01 pm: The original Puma tennis racket from Boris Becker from the year 1988 is currently at 3500 euros.

Wednesday, 10.07.2019, 12.55: Penultimate day of the auction of Boris Becker's former utensils, clothes and trophies. The tennis shoes from the US Open are now at 1139 euros.

Friday, 05.07.2019, 2:20 pm: Hello tennis friends! It continues with the auction of Boris Becker's former utensils, clothes and trophies. His original tennis shoes from the US Open in 1996, when he defeated Michael Chang in the final 6-2, 6-4, 2-6, 6-2, have more than doubled in the meantime. The leaked Diadora shoes are currently at 860 euros. Who offers more? The auction is still running until 11th July 2019.

Friday, 28.06.2019, 08:45 clock: It continues with the auction of a total of 82 items from the possession of Boris Becker, who come in a public online auction under the hammer. From worn socks, over sneakers, trophies and tracksuits is all there - and you can bid! VIP News is live and calls the current prices.

16:02: Also, no bid has been made for this sleeveless lotto pullover by Boris Becker, two bracelets and a pair of socks delivered. The starting bid is also 225 euros. Before the auction, the worn socks of Boris Becker were already a big topic in the social media. You have to honestly say that these stockings are a real one-off. More Becker is not actually - even if the socks should smell something.

12:45: There were no bids for the two tennis shirts and a few shorts from Boris Becker, The auction entry price is 225 euros. Per set so a little more than 110 euros. Where are the whole Becker fans and offer around these two sports sets? These Becker utensils are still affordable. So bid!

10:48: One of the absolute highlights is the track suit of Boris Beckerhe wore in the 1980s. It is a suit of the brand Lotto with sponsor logos from Mercedes. The size is XXL in the colors blue and white. The current bid is 335 euros. This tracksuit Boris Becker wore before his matches to warm up.

Thursday, 27.06.2019, 08.42: The fourth day of foreclosure of a total of 82 items owned by Boris Becker is on the program. Today everyone can join online again and win a trophy, a tennis racket or a pair of Wimbledon champion socks. VIP News is live!

10:17 pm: For a total of 30 objects, no bids have yet been received. Below is also the below to see 31 gram gold ringwhich Boris Becker received in 2018 in Monte Carlo for his inclusion in the "International Tennis Hall Of Fame". The starting bid is around 4200 euros,

Wednesdaym 27.06.2019, 13.07 clock: The most expensive items of the Becker Auction are currently two trophies in sterling silver ("The Renshaw Cup") from the years 1985 and 1987, each standing at 13,750 pounds. In addition, a replica of the US Open Cup for currently converted 11,200 euros will be auctioned.

21:53: Significantly cheaper than the Bambi trophy would be (as of now) the "Golden Camera", Boris Becker 1989 as the best tennis player and triple Wimbledon winner. The current bid is around 1700 euros,

6:20 pm: These Bambi Trophy got Boris Becker in 1985, when the former tennis hero was named "Man of the Year". Current bid: about 2900 euros.

13:42: A very special sweetheart is the Original Puma tennis racket from Boris Becker from 1988. This bat was last exhibited in the "Tennis Hall of Fame" in Newport / Rhode Island (USA). Also this racket and a signed case come under the hammer. The starting bid is 2200 euros. Boris Becker 31 years ago, he beat Stefan Edberg in Dallas 6: 4, 1: 6, 7: 5, 6: 2.

11:54: For all watch lovers, there are a few special pieces. At the moment, the most will be for one IWC Schaffhausen Model 5002 Big Pilot Wrist Watch (Stainless Steel 46.2mm Case & Automatic) offered - namely 3150 euros. A real bargain! In business, these watches cost between 6900 and 8900 euros - as access!

10.36 clock: Most of all you have to do right now for the two cups ("The Renshaw Cup") from the years 1985 and 1987 of Boris Becker out Genuine sterling silver turn down, which are currently at 16,800 euros. Behind them is the US Open Cup (replica) from 1989, when Becker beat Ivan Lendl in the final. This piece currently stands at 11,200 euros - and you can bid!

TUESDAY, 25.06.2019, 9:54 am: We continue with the auction of Boris Becker's trophies, shoes and socks. Worn for a couple Diadora tennis shoes from the year 1996, the starting offer is about 340 euros. These are the strikers of Boris Becker from the Australian Open final 23 years ago against Michael Chang, who won Becker 6-2, 6: 4, 2: 6, 6: 2. For all real Becker fans - these shoes are signed by hand!

23:24: The first two auction pieces are at a bid of 15,000 pounds! As expected, these are the two "Renshaw Cups" from the years 1985 and 1987. Altogether, 18 of the 82 pieces have already been bid.

19:11: Who wants to get hold of a bargain, could bid on this set. For a starting bid of £ 50 you could soon be the new owner of a sleeveless sweatshirt, a pair of sweatbands and a pair of socks owned by Boris Becker, most recently in the "Tennis Hall of Fame" in Newport, Rhode Island (USA) were issued.

18:41: These two cups are everything, but no bargains! The two most expensive and valuable specimens according to minimum bid are the two "Renshaw Cups" from the years 1985 and 1987. For the former trophy for the winners of the men's singles of Wimbledon, interested people must lay at least 10,000 pounds sterling.

18.30 clock: The auction is started! On this page you will find all 82 offered auction items. The starting bid for a racket used by the tennis legend, with whom he defeated Stefan Edberg 6: 4, 1: 6, 7.5 and 6: 2 in Dallas 1988, is 2000 pounds sterling (about 2200 euros). For the "Bambi" trophy of 1985 bidders have to put at least 1500 pounds sterling on the table, for the "Golden Camera" of 1989 1000 pounds sterling are due.

Among other things, these items by Boris Becker will be auctioned

18:02: In less than half an hour to start the auction. However, nothing is happening on the auction site linked above, there is still no new information.

13:35: Boris Beckers British Insolvency Administrator Mark Ford Expects high proceeds from the auction. According to his statements, the first auction attempt last year had "very significant bids". However, the proceeds will not be enough to cover the millions debt of the tennis idol.

12:47: This ring, the Boris Becker 2003 when he was admitted to the Tennis Hall of Fame received, also comes under the hammer. He should bring in at least a high four-digit amount, if not more.

12:08 clock: VIP News just talked to the auction house in London. The online auction starts at 6:30 pm German time. Then anyone who wants something from Boris Becker - as I said from the Wimbledon Cup to the worn sock - can bid.

11.40 clock: So far, the highest bid for a replica of the US Open Cup is 15,100 pounds (17,200 euros). Who the Bambi of Boris Becker wants to have more than the offered 2000 euros on the table. The Golden Camera of 1989 is currently at 1300 euros.

11:22 am: A total of 80 personal belongings by Boris Becker are exhibited in a London gallery. Included are a Golden Camera, a Bambi and a replica of the Wimbledon Cup.

11.13 clock: However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the African State spoke of a forgery. Announced in December Boris Becker then, he no longer claims diplomatic status. This cleared the way for foreclosure.

11.04 clock: Boris Becker was declared insolvent in 2017 by a bankruptcy court in London for unpaid debts. The three-time winner of the Wimbledon declared, a year ago, to the general surprise that he enjoyed diplomatic immunity: He had been appointed sports attaché of the Central African Republic's Representation to the EU in Brussels. Thus, the auction of his memorabilia was stopped for the time being.

10:56 am: There are 82 objects in total Boris Becker for sale, including tennis rackets, photos and watches of the former world ranking first. The auction of the Auction House Wyles Hardy runs until the 11th of July.

10:51 am: Last summer could Boris Becker to stop the foreclosure of his trophies and other souvenirs. But now starts an online auction.

10:42 am: The online auction features several replica trophies that the 51-year-old received for victories in major tournaments. Below is a copy of the Wimbledon Challenge Cup. For sale is also the finalist medal, the Becker after his defeat in the Wimbledon final against Swede Stefan Edberg in 1990.

10.20 am: Boris Becker Lastly, he resisted the auction of his personal belongings - but it did not help. Starting today, many valuable sports utensils and items will come under the hammer.

Monday, 24.06.2019, 10.00 clock: Hello and welcome to the compulsory auction of a total of 82 items from the private collection of ex-tennis star Boris Becker, VIP News is live!

In the video - From socks to the Wimbledon Cup: Now Boris Becker's souvenirs are auctioned


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