News : Borussia Dortmund criticizes comments by Patrick Owomoyela and Norbert Dickel

News :

Borussia Dortmund criticizes comments by Patrick Owomoyela and Norbert Dickel

Borussia Dortmund has sanctioned his two former pros Patrick Owomoyela and Norbert Dickel after verbal missteps in a broadcast of the club's own TV station. Both were also "unmistakably clarified" that "their attempt to be funny, has gone completely wrong, was absolutely out of place and such comments have no place with us," said the Bundesliga club of the German Press Agency. The article is no longer available on the Dortmunder website. First, the WDR had reported on the incident.

Owomoyela and Dickel had commented on BVB's friendly against Udinese Calcio (4: 1) on July 27, with several derailments. Several times fell the term "Itaker", which the Duden classifies as a derogatory term. Ex-national player Owomoyela, who had played for BVB from 2008 to 2013, also imitated the tone of Adolf Hitler.

According to "Bild" newspaper, the ex-pros also made fun of the surnames of the players of Udinese: Kevin Lasagna they have therefore called "Lasagne" and Ignacio Pussetto "Prosecco". Both should have said several times during the transmission, their comments are meant as "fun".

BVB emphasizes Owomoyela's commitment to xenophobia

Owomoyela and 57-year-old Dickel (active for BVB from 1986 to 1990) "publicly acknowledged their misconduct a week ago and promised that it would not happen again, even during the next transmission they emphasized that they were" next to There is nothing to add, "said BVB.

How the two ex-professionals have been punished by last year's second in the Bundesliga, is not clear from the opinion of the club. A SPIEGEL inquiry on the form of punishment left the BVB initially unanswered.

The Dortmunder told the German Press Agency that Owomoyela and Dickel "have been involved with us for years in the anti-racism work". Owomoyela was honored in 2006 for his engagement against xenophobia with the Udo Lindenberg Prize.

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