News : Borussia Dortmund: the locomotive is rolling again – sport

News : Borussia Dortmund: the locomotive is rolling again – sport

It is one of the high arts of a football coach to make the supposedly hopeless possible again, against all odds and mathematical probabilities. And perhaps the greatest art is to combine all of this with the kind of victory that Edin Terzic brought in with Borussia Dortmund on Saturday.

This 2-0 success in Wolfsburg was not for aesthetes and fine spirits, who prefer to see such a football game painted with fine brushstrokes, as a total work of art that was pleasing to the eye. But beautiful things can also be created with hammer and chisel, and yes, BVB coach Terzic and his team could definitely claim that afterwards: winning a game after a great effort, with a lot of struggle and sometimes also one little cramp. But a bit of luck and a striker named Erling Haaland were also involved.

Terzic had proclaimed nothing less than a “final” in advance, and at the final whistle he could see the importance of the game. He let his arms dangle, the tension had to ease out of his body before he clapped everyone who had been black and yellow in the previous 90 minutes. Quite different, however, Haaland, who with a clenched fist a passionate “Yeeeeeees!” roared through the Wolfsburg arena.

BVB has moved closer to the competition in the table

A few weeks ago, the gap to third-placed Wolfsburg was a whopping eleven points, after four wins in a row it has melted to just two points. And because Eintracht Frankfurt also lost to Bayer Leverkusen in the evening game, only one point is missing from fourth place. The almost written-off qualification for the Champions League seems possible again. “We have to take advantage of this situation now,” said Terzic, who did not make a euphoric impression at the press conference after the game, but made a very combative impression: “We must not let up, we have to recharge our batteries from these victories!” Nevertheless, the BVB coach had to express express praise. In particular for the “outstanding” fighting performance of his team – and for striker Haaland, whose person had recently caused unrest in the club’s environment. More precisely: his father and his advisor Mino Raiola, who took a little jaunt to Spain to discuss the possibility of a change with the top floor of European club football.

According to popular interpretation, this move came because Haaland’s stakeholders were concerned about a possible year without the Champions League. On Saturday it was Haaland himself who filled the prospect of Dortmund’s minimal goal with life again. And in a way that maybe only he can in the Bundesliga, through two actions in the Haalandian Locomotive mode. In the twelfth minute, the Norwegian grabbed a failed back pass from Ridle Baku and rushed into the opposing penalty area with full force, where he scored 1-0 for BVB. The lead was not undeserved at this point, because the Dortmund team had found their way into the game and understood how to use their ball skills in a formidable manner.

But that changed as a result, the home team took command, but in the last third of the attack, the otherwise efficient Wolfsburg team repeatedly lacked the necessary precision. Even with VfL striker Wout Weghorst, who missed the best chance of equalizing shortly after half-time. “The air is getting thin up there,” said VfL coach Oliver Glasner, looking at some of his players who have not played often “at this level”. And by that he meant: the premier class level that BVB has demonstrated this season with its entry into the quarter-finals and the unfortunate failure at Manchester City.

“I believe that we now have an advantage psychologically,” said BVB captain Reus

BVB countered the Wolfsburg pressure with a great collective spirit, which even made the absence of the yellow-banned defense chief Mats Hummels hardly noticeable. The Dortmund team experienced their neuralgic moment in the 60th minute from a player who recently received a lot of praise for his fluffy game and his early maturity: Jude Bellingham, 17, stepped on Kevin Mbabu’s foot after a Wolfsburg counterattack, which he did was able to prevent a second wave of attacks, but rightly saw the yellow-red card. “A stupid move,” said Terzic, but it wasn’t entirely unimportant either.

With a team outnumbered, the previous arithmetic of the game strengthened, which was also expressed in some statistics in favor of VfL: In the end, the home team had significantly more shots on goal, the higher ball possession shares and more kilometers. But she didn’t have an Erling Haaland, the Norwegian in locomotive mode. And she didn’t have a space opener that day like midfielder Mo Dahoud, who played such a graceful pass in the 68th minute after winning the ball that Haaland rolled through the entire opposing half and scored the 2-0. “He decided the game,” said Terzic with the pride of a coach who can rely on such a stormy force of nature in such a “final”.

“The key” for the win was something else, however, analyzed Terzic: “Everyone did their bit to ensure that we defended zero.” Meanwhile, BVB captain Marco Reus has identified a possible key to a positive outcome to the season. He said, “I think we have an advantage psychologically now.”

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