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Borussia Mönchengladbach - Coach Marco Rose: Forward

Borussia Mönchengladbach visited the Tegernsee for the eighth time in a row. At the entrance to Rottach-Egern hung a poster. "Together forward", it was written on it, it followed an exclamation point. That was the motto for the training camp of the Bundesliga club.

In the staircase to the underground car park of the noble district directly on the bank the letters of thanks of the club hang on the hotel. On each one is the signature of sporting director Max Eberl. The coaches are a bit more varied. Marco Rose is the fourth in the Tegernsee era.

Rose took over from Dieter Hecking, who led the club to fifth place in the Bundesliga and thus in the Europa League. "Forward", as the poster read, would now strictly speaking be Champions League.

"Simply exciting"

"From the new coach, people expect that football will change a bit and in the best case, even more successful," says Rose the SPIEGEL. He could try to dampen that expectation a bit. But that is difficult and result in "being quickly accused of lacking in ambition".

Rose was born 42 years ago in Leipzig and was active for FSV Mainz 05 in the Bundesliga. As a coach, he was twice Austrian champion with Red Bull Salzburg and fulfilled the desire of the club to start in the Champions League. Even before this was determined, he gave the Gladbachern the promise.

Also the TSG Hoffenheim, the VfL Wolfsburg and the FC Schalke 04 should have been interested in him. "The conviction that Gladbach was the right decision is now completely there," says Rose. "Simply exciting and a great responsibility" was the challenge at the "big club with the big history and the big fan base".

"He has a very cool and clear address"

Up to 1,000 supporters had come in part to the sports field of FC Rottach-Egern to see the work of the new coach, who said: "I am very much on activity in all phases of the game." The merciless ball hunt for which Ralf Rangnick and even more Roger Schmidt stand is just one element of his style. "This is not the complete package," says Rose: "We also want the controlled possession, but just do not fall asleep."

The players he seems to achieve with his approach. "My impression of the coach is even better than the one I had developed through the media, he has a very cool and clear approach, is very sociable, fair and honest in communication," said midfielder Christoph Kramer the SPIEGEL: "That he Having a very good idea of ​​football has been seen in the three weeks of preparation so far. "

Max Eberl stated, "The crew are picking up the instructions." How the players tried to do that with "the highest level of commitment and commitment is extraordinary," said the sports director. But also: "Marco Rose is certainly not a magician."

Extremely high forward defense

The coach is also a bit queasy when he hears the hype around his person. He knows that there is little point in vigorously resisting it. He refuses, however, to leave Dieter Hecking in a bad light. Although Rose avoided mentioning his predecessor's name explicitly, he protects him.

There have been "many good things we can do over the preseason," says Rose. Some elements of his style are just different, which does not necessarily mean that they are better. "A lot of new stuff for the boys: the high defending, the extremely high forward defense," said Rose. This tactic requires "more willingness to run, more sprints".

Probably the Gladbacher will come back to Rottach-Egern in summer 2020. What he would then sell as success for the upcoming season is a question that displeases Marco Rose: "I do not want to sell anything, I'm not a salesman." He is "a complete realist".

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