News : Boston Marathon canceled for the first time in history

News :

Boston Marathon canceled for the first time in history

Archive image of the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon announced this Thursday the suspension of the test for the first time in its 124th edition, at the same time that he proposed a virtual appointment for the second week of September, date for which he had already been postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.

"The Boston Athletics Association has announced that the 124th Boston Marathon it will be a virtual event, after the announcement of the cancellation of the test by the mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh, for being a massive event and as a measure in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, "says a statement from the organization.

Postponed on March 13

The American event, which has already contested 123 editions, is one of the six ‘World Marathon Majors’ that are disputed throughout the planet and each year attracts more than 30,000 participants and 500,000 spectators. However, On March 13, it began to suffer the consequences of the health crisis around the world.

It was then when the race announced its postponement, when it was scheduled for April 20, until September 14, when they hope to confirm "a historic edition." Currently, the United States records more than 100,000 deaths from coronavirus.

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