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Boxing Deaths: Missing Flair - Sport

  • After two deaths within a few days, boxing is about the risk of brain injuries.
  • One of the two deceased, the Argentine Hugo Alfredo Santillán, had ignored a protective barrier before his fight.

Some pictures produced by boxing are difficult to bear. Last Saturday, in a small hall near Buenos Aires, the referee brought the fighters to the center of the ring and the verdict was announced. The referee grabbed both boxers on the hands, the Argentine Hugo Alfredo Santillán to the right. Then the sentence was spoken for almost a minute. There is a video of this verdict, it can be seen how Santillán repeatedly loses consciousness. His head tilts forward, eventually the entire upper body. After one minute, the referee raises both arms, a draw. Santillán's body dangles at the referee's hand.

Santillán was immediately put into a corner, placed on the floor, briefly he seemed to regain consciousness. A doctor brought an oxygen mask and after five minutes Santillán was taken to the hospital. There he was notoperated because of kidney failure, he fell into a coma. During treatment at the hospital, Santillán suffered three heart attacks, including one late Wednesday night. Early Thursday morning, doctors declared him dead.

Another death: Hugo Santillán dies after a fight

A few days after the death of Maxim Dadaschew, the Argentine boxer in Buenos Aires succumbed to his injuries. Santillán had climbed into the ring despite a protective barrier.

The pictures of Santillán's last fight are also difficult to bear because he is already the second dead boxer within a few days. On Tuesday Russian Maxim Dadashev had died, who had to be forced to an emergency after a fight on Friday in Maryland / USA and was subsequently put into an artificial coma; he had taken many heavy hits before the fight was stopped. At Santillán, however, the pictures are also difficult to bear because they are overshadowed by a question: could his death have been prevented?

Instead of listening to his coach, Santillán parted from him

At the Association of German Professional Boxers (BDB) they say: yes. "That's shocking," said President Thomas Pütz Sports Information Service, "He would still be alive if you had listened to us."

On June 15, Santillán, 23, had a nickname Dinamita, boxed in Hamburg, against Artem Harutyunyan. The German had won clearly, Santillán had taken several heavy hits. The BDB, which accompanied the event as an umbrella organization, imposed a protective ban until 30 July. Santillán punched again ten days before the end, although his coach advised against it. Instead of listening to him, Santillán parted from him. So he fought Eduardo Javier Abreu, it was about the Latino Silver title.

At the end of the tenth round, Santillán himself raised his arms. Raúl Quijano, who looked after Santillán at the hospital, said that the boxer's father had told him that the son had said while stripping off the gloves, "I think I won." Only then did he collapse. In the hospital, the doctors in the brain discovered swelling that was so great that it affected the other organs as well.

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