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Boxing: Hugo Santillan dies after fight - sport

A few days after the death of Maxim Dadaschew, the Argentine boxer in Buenos Aires succumbed to his injuries. Santillán had climbed into the ring despite a protective barrier.

A few days after the death of Russian Maxim Dadashev, another professional boxer died of his injuries after a fight. The 23-year-old Argentine Hugo Santillán died on Thursday in a hospital in Buenos Aires his serious injuries, as the boxing association WBC announced. Lightweight Santillán had been hospitalized after his fight against Uruguayan Eduardo Abreu last Saturday.

The Argentinian should not have actually been allowed to fight, he had been assigned by the Federation of German professional boxers (BDB) with a protective barrier. "An absolute madness, to let the man box so quickly again Santillán has received from us after the hard fight against Artem a protective barrier until 30 July," said BDB President Thomas Puetz the image, Santillán had lost his fight in Hamburg against Artem Harutyunyan on 15 June.

The Argentinian collapsed on Saturday after the fight in his home country and was not operated, but did not regain consciousness. Only on Tuesday, the Russian boxer Maxim Dadaschew had died of his head injuries suffered in a fight.

Boxing boxer dies after head injuries

Boxer dies after head injuries

The Russian boxer Maxim Dadaschew had to take heavy hits in a fight and was put into an artificial coma. Now he succumbed to his head injuries.

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