News : Bruno Hortelano confirms that he will not be at the Tokyo Games

News : Bruno Hortelano confirms that he will not be at the Tokyo Games

Hortelano, in an image of 2020 / EFE

You could see it coming, but we were reluctant to believe it. Bruno Hortelano will not be at the Tokyo Olympics. The Australian-born Spanish athlete, national record holder of 100, 200 and 400 meters, has issued a statement through his representation company (Alkasport) in which he has clarified the reasons for his ‘resignation’. He resigned in quotes because the truth is that he was in full search of the minimum for the 200 sprinter, who suffered a serious car accident in 2016.

“Although this year we have focused on recovering from the Achilles injury and the machinery is ready, it is not the only thing necessary to achieve results. There hasn’t been enough time to do specific work to be competitive at 200. That is why Bruno and his team have decided to redirect the preparation and set medium and long-term goals ”.

Think ahead

A real shame because he is the best Spanish sprinter ever and one of our best assets to achieve the Olympic final in Tokyo. Despite the fact that for a couple of months it was felt that the Madrid native, who is training the CAR of Sant Cugat, would not make it 100% to the appointment, you always keep that little hope. “There are still many goals to be crossed exciting for Bruno Hortelano ”, concludes the statement.

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