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Budnesliga: Hinteregger has to doping test - sport

  • The National Anti-Doping Agency Nada has asked Frankfurt defender Martin Hinteregger on Tuesday to the doping test. This was confirmed by the club of the SZ.
  • Background is a treatment on the first matchday. Hinteregger was treated with a needle and got a means to swallow.
  • The club claims that the drug was not a tablet but a kind of carbohydrate gum.
From Johannes Aumüller, Frankfurt

As part of its audits of the case Martin Hinteregger, the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) has asked the Austrian defender of Eintracht Frankfurt on Tuesday to a doping test. This confirmed the club of the SZ. The Nada looks since the beginning of the week, the medical treatment Hintereggers during the Bundesliga opener against Hoffenheim, but will not comment on the case until the end of their exams. At the same time, the club changed its original information on which specific product Hinteregger had been administered after a break in treatment.

Just under a quarter of an hour before the end of Sunday's match between Frankfurt and Hoffenheim (1-0) came to unusual scenes when Hinteregger after a duel action went down - calf pain. That was the first cramp of his life, reported the Austrian afterwards, and everything pointed to a substitution. But after a use of the medical department of the Frankfurter he played until the end of further.

Eintracht Frankfurt A tablet with consequences

A tablet with consequences

Frankfurt Martin Hinteregger throws a tablet on the field. His behavior now calls the national anti-doping agency on the plan.By Johannes Aumüller

Hinteregger said after the game that the doctor had put a needle in his injury break. According to the association, this was an acupuncture needle in the calf, because acupuncture needles serve to loosen up the muscles. The new Frankfurt team doctor Florian Pfab is considered someone who puts much on acupuncture.

In addition, Hinteregger received a substance from a member of the Frankfurt supervisor team, which he immediately consumed. However, it should not, as it was initially in various media called, have been a painkiller, but carbohydrates.

On Tuesday, the Frankfurt told the SZ, the substance was an absolutely usual so-called carbohydrate shot - a product that looks like a carbohydrate gel, but in a similar form as wine gum is consumed. These are all-purpose supplements, "as they are administered in the Bundesliga abound to the players as an alternative to liquid intake," said a SGE spokesman.

The day before, however, the club had talked about a "highly concentrated carbohydrate tablet". This explanation had amazed medical observers because they did not know this form of administration. In addition, there are doubts among experts, whether such a carbohydrate dose just a few minutes before the end of the game still have a real effect on the body - or rather on the head of the player.

The Nada turned on at the beginning of the week next to the club and the German Football Association. The association did not want to comment on the process, but said only: "The Anti-Doping Commission of the German Football Association is currently in contact with the Nada and Eintracht Frankfurt to clarify the facts in. As long as the investigations persist, no Statements are made. "

Bundesliga hashtag FreeHinti

Hashtag FreeHinti

The negotiations on the future of Martin Hinteregger are drawing. And the Frankfurt fans send love letters to Swabia.By Sebastian Fischer

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