News : Bullfights and ear cuts YES; safe popular races NO

News :

Bullfights and ear cuts YES; safe popular races NO

The bullring of El Puerto de Santa María was abuzz a couple of days ago

It is as sad as it is real. We are not going to enter into the nature of the Spanish National Holiday or whether it is a lawful and respectful practice or not, this article does not have the objective of cracking or provoking a deep reflection in that sense. Yesterday i ran into a tweet from partner Álex Calabuig in which he left a message full of force and reality. “There should be hundreds of small races taking place, with all the security measures and staggered starts, but for the moment what we see are these images. The authorities have lost the north. Perhaps the smoke from the cigars of the bullfights prevents us from thinking ”.

A glaring incoherence

I honestly do not know if it is that smoke that emanates from the cigars or the Rex cigars that has made the relevant authorities lose their minds, but what is evident is that incoherence reigns right now. The agglomeration of people in the stands that we saw in the El Puerto de Santa María bullfights caused an earthquake on social media.

It is not for less, there are not a handful of spectators in the sport that moves the strings of this country such as football and the bullring of the town of Cadiz was literally bursting. We no longer talk about popular races. We are not talking about big marathons or events with more than 10,000 participants, but about small tests that can be perfectly coordinated to, as Álex says, carry out staggered exits and maintain security measures for its proper celebration. For a server this glaring difference in treatment is nothing short of mind-boggling. And he talks a lot (and very badly) about how things work here ...

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