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Bundesliga: 15 minutes grave silence at Union Berlin - Sport

By Javier Cáceres, Berlin

A bit, says Olaf Forner, remind him of the atmosphere around his club at the time of the fall of the Wall.

This is a bridge of thought, which is not only committed in Berlin by Forner: From the opening of the GDR border on 9 November 1989 on the one hand to the first rise of the 1st FC Union Berlin on the other. Strictly historically shaky, this bridge, but it's true what the Union fan in a café in Berlin-Mitte means. Because after that epochal day in Germany and abroad was looked with so much sympathy to Berlin as rarely as on the evening of the 23rd of May 2019. That evening, on which Union asserted itself in the relegation against the VfB Stuttgart and for 56. Became a member of the Bundesliga history. The Erstliga debut takes place on Sunday, equal to the East Derby, against RB Leipzig.

Bundesliga champion fight on the next level

Master fight on the next level

BVB shows that it is better than last year - Bayern holds against Philippe Coutinho against. The Bundesliga expects a title duel at a higher level.Comment by Sebastian Fischer

"Felt has congratulated the whole republic," says Union manager Oliver Ruhnert. And that the Köpenicker have experienced so much affection, is also due to people like Forner, who of course will be back against Leipzig.

"The wall must go!" The fans shouted at free kicks

Forner is called in the fan forum Unions "the Tazunioner", a verbal composite in which his existence coagulates. In the evening he pulls in the union jersey through Berlin pubs and sells the taz and other newspapers in the city; Unioner he is "24/7", as one would say in England. 24 hours, seven days a week. And he is not just a fan: he coordinates the logistics of the sale of the stadium book, commands the thirty to forty men who try to bring between 3500 and 4000 copies on matchdays. But Forner also sells tickets, conducts a club-controlled resale of unused tickets, a measure against the black market.

Everyone can make an appointment with him on Facebook, two and a half hours before the start of the game you meet him then on the tracks of the S-Bahn station Köpenick, ten minutes walk from the Alte Försterei. He always stands there. In the coming weeks, Forner guesses, the number of tickets he can resell will be less than second division times. Because the anticipation of the Bundesliga is too great, that someone who loves the club, wanted to renounce a visit to the stadium. Certainly not someone like Forner, the "Ossi from a Western family".

Born in 1965, his parents lived in the East, but worked until the Wall in 1961 in the West. In her living room, says Forner, never ran East TV, "unless Willi Schwabe's junk room Hertha BSC Hertha was his first love that he has not forgotten to this day. "He was socialized with the ARD sports show and their reports on the Berlin club on the other side of the wall Union landed, the GDR cup winner of 1968, lay on the aura of dissidentism, the Union umhehte: "There is a club that has nothing to do with the state," a friend had told him. "The wall must go! "the fans shouted at free kicks, a provocation.

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