News : Bundesliga 26th matchday: ten Bayern dismantle Stuttgart – Sport

News : Bundesliga 26th matchday: ten Bayern dismantle Stuttgart – Sport

FC Bayern – VfB Stuttgart 4: 0 (4: 0), Goals: 1-0 Lewandowski (17th), 2-0 Gnabry (22nd), 3-0 Lewandowski (23rd), 4-0 Lewandowski (39th)

What else can you say about FC Bayern in general and Robert Lewandowski in particular? Actually, it was thought, after a red card for Alphonso Davies, an interesting game should follow after only twelve minutes. Referee Daniel Schlager initially showed the Canadian yellow after a foul on Endo, but after he saw on the screen on the edge of the field that Davies caught the Japanese with an open sole on the ankle, he switched to red.

So: almost 80 minutes outnumbered against a team that had given Munich big problems in the first leg. That’s going to be … nothing. This was followed by what are probably the best 15 minutes in the Bundesliga in the recent past. The 1-0 was – of course – Robert Lewandowski. He hammered a sharp cross from Serge Gnabry with a lunge (yes, that is possible) into the near corner. Four minutes later: Perfect combination over Thomas Müller (who meanwhile played six) and Leroy Sané to Gnabry – 2-0. A minute later: Müller’s cross (who of course ran around everywhere and not just in the sixth position) on Lewandowski, who sank in a schoolbook-like header position. After all, it took until the 39th minute for him to complete his outnumbered hat trick. This time Sané had assisted by dribbling.

For a few minutes, VfB thought that something could happen in Munich, tried to be brave, gained 52 percent possession after half-time – and were blown out of the arena by ten Bayern and an increasingly unbelievable Lewandowski. The Pole now has 35 goals. Five more to Gerd Müller. “As a neutral viewer, it’s fun to watch him. So it’s not fun for me,” said Stuttgart board member Thomas Hitzlsperger at Sky at halftime. He rated Lewandowski’s performance as “something about world class”.

1. FC Cologne – Borussia Dortmund 2: 2 (1: 1), Goals: 1: 0 Haaland (3rd), 1: 1 Duda (35th, hand penalty after video evidence), 2: 1 Jakobs (65th), 2: 2 Haaland (90th)

They had big plans, Dortmund wanted to do everything better than in the first leg, when 1. FC Köln inflicted a bitter 2-1 defeat in their own stadium. In the end, the result would almost have been the same as at the end of November – if it weren’t for this one Norwegian.

But one after anonther. At first, Dortmund did not give Cologne a lot of time to get into the game. After two and a half minutes, Erling Haaland stormed into the penalty area for the first time, made defender Jorge Meré look extremely unhappy and promptly scored to make it 1-0. Then the Dortmunders rested on their tour and left the FC large rooms (too large for Edin Terzic’s taste). But the home side couldn’t make much of it on their own. Only after 17-year-old Jude Bellingham had helped and fended off a ball from Cologne in the penalty area with his shoulder, did Duda hit the penalty for the now deserved equalizer (35th). There was no reaction from Dortmund, they seemed unfocused and careless, it was almost only the Cologne team that played.

That didn’t change in the second half either. The team of coach Markus Gisdol continued to dominate the game, the Dortmund team seemed more willing, but similarly absent-minded as in the first 45 minutes. Cologne noticed this, lay in wait for a counterattack – and sank one in the 65th minute in the person of Ismail Jakobs after Thomas Meunier had failed to stop him despite his lead. Terzic switched seconds later and brought Reinier for Reyna, which changed nothing. A header on the post by Haaland (who else) and a volley from Haaland (who else) shocked the Cologne team for a moment, they were almost certain of victory – and then this Norwegian scored in the 90th minute to equalize and grabbed them two sorely needed points away.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Union Berlin 5: 2 (4: 2), Goals: 1-0 Silva (2nd), 1: 1 Kruse (7th), 2: 1 Andrich (35th, own goal), 3: 1 Kostic (39th), 4: 1 Silva (41st), 4: 2 Kruse (45th) . + 3), 5: 2 Chandler (90. + 2)

If this game were a boxing match, it would have been a wild brawl without cover from the first minute – and the Berliners would have been counted within a few minutes. André Silva (2nd) and Max Kruse (7th) had opened with their goals when Union defender Robert Andrich made a catastrophic back pass into his own goal: goalkeeper Andreas Luthe had positioned himself next to the housing and had to watch helplessly as the ball hopped into the gate. The Frankfurt team followed suit, Filip Kostic and again Silva used the confusion in Berlin to further expand their lead. A certain Max Kruse made sure that Union got up again, who with his goals number nine and ten (in the 14th mission) brought back the faith for the second half.

Then it remained – if you take the breathtaking first half as a yardstick – relatively calm. Union attacker Pohjanpalo failed after a pass from the towering Kruse to Eintracht keeper Trapp, and Endo’s header also rushed past. Union struggled, but could no longer get close against the Frankfurters, who were able to keep their opponents at bay. Frankfurt’s defender Timothy Chandler then puts the final blow: Knoche messes up the ball in his own penalty area, Zuber crossed, Chandler only had to push in. The final knockout for the Berliners in stoppage time.

Werder Bremen – VfL Wolfsburg 1: 2 (1: 2), Goals: 0: 1 Sargent (8th, own goal), 0: 2 Weghorst (42nd), 1: 2 Möhwald (45th)

It was already clear before the game that it would be difficult for the Bremen attackers, after all it was against the best defense in the Bundesliga (only 21 goals conceded). Werders Sargent scored anyway – he headed a free-kick cross into his own goal (8th). Wout Weghorst then showed why he could actually be a man for bond coach Frank de Boer: After Xaver Schlager won the ball against Kevin Möhwald, the Dutchman turned humorless (42nd): his 17th Bundesliga goal is another application letter for the Elftal. At least then, the Bremen captain Möhwald managed to iron out his mistake. But luck had to help: the ball jumped at his feet after a cross, his connection goal shortly before the break (45th) kept the tension high on the Weser.

In the second half, the two teams stayed on an equal footing. Wolfsburg wants to secure the chances of a place in the Champions League, Bremen keep away from the relegation places. But: the people of Bremen lacked the means. Werder’s goalkeeper Pavlenka had to parry a Weghorst shot and save twice against Mbabu. In the last second, the substitute Davie Selke from Bremen had a chance – but only met Wolfsburg goalkeeper Koen Casteels.

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