News : Bundesliga: Anger for video referee – Schalke feels betrayed against Bayern

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Bundesliga: Anger for video referee - Schalke feels betrayed against Bayern

Bundesliga: Giant annoyance for video referee: Schalke feels cheated against the Bayern

Schalke 04 will remain without their own goal in the second Bundesliga game. Against Bayern it sets a clear 0: 3 bankruptcy. After the game, Schalger's anger over the video referee is great.

It goes into detail about three different situations, all of which could have drawn a penalty to himself:

Scene 1: Benjamin Pavard scored the ball in the 56th minute after a Schalke header with his arm in the penalty area. The Frenchman does not see the leather, but clearly increases the body area. The video umpire does not intervene.

Schalke coach David Wagner is after the game in the "Sky" interview: "This is for me a penalty, the ball goes on goal and everything that is played there by hand, so I have at least understood the rule, The opponent spreads his arm, which is clear, I do not understand. "

Scene 2: In the 60th minute Burgstaller brings a ball in sharp. The ball bounces off most of the arm from substitute Ivan Perisic. An at least contentious situation. Referee Marco Fritz has contact with the video referee, but he does not look at the scene again.

For Wagner has understanding: "This is not a penalty for me."

Scene 3: Caligiuri scored a free-kick in the 63rd minute from central position around the wall. The left arm of the Perisic standing in the wall goes this time clear to the ball and falsifies it accordingly. Strangely enough, the video referee does not intervene here either.

For that Wagner has no understanding: "This is enlargement of the body area and also intention." So this is the second penalty that is not given, that's a clear penalty for me, I do not understand that, I'm curious to explain. "

The Bayern win in the end by three goals from striker star Robert Lewandowski earned, but have the score of 2: 0 great referee luck. Schalke is raging.

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