News : Bundesliga: Borussia Mönchengladbach and Schalke 04 are lolling

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Bundesliga: Borussia Mönchengladbach and Schalke 04 are lolling

Brand in Mönchengladbach: "The soul burns, for our only true star, the soul burns, for Mönchengladbach VfL Borussia", sang the fans of the Gladbacher, as the teams went on the lawn. The old song, "The Elf vom Niederrhein", is now always sung ten minutes earlier. For the next two hours it should remain the most emotional moment.

The result: Borussia Mönchengladbach and FC Schalke 04 have separated without goals 0: 0. A wall start. Here is the game report.

Not bad, Mr. Nübel: In the last quarter of an hour Schalke goalkeeper Alexander Nübel parried three times against Marcus Thuram, Raffael and Alassane Pléa. "All in all, it was a good game," said Nübel. It was unclear if he only spoke of himself.

Re-create: The Bundesliga ballads of Gladbach's Marco Rose and Schalke's David Wagner were eagerly awaited on the coaching benches. Both stand for fast and dynamic football and should ideally lead their clubs permanently among the top teams in the Bundesliga. In order to not overwhelm the fans with too much news, the DFL has let both teams play against each other for the ninth time in Bundesliga history. No duel were more common on Matchday 1.

The first half: Aggressive and indeed with offensive approaches, the game began. But both Schalke and Gladbach restrained their attempts to attack soon and rather tried to concede no goal. So six of the eleven shots were blocked in the first half. And if one came through, he looked like this: Schalke Benito Raman ran after a steep pass from Guido Burgstaller to the Gladbach goal, but concluded too hastily from, so he slipped the ball over the outside crease and landed on the advertising banner (27) ,

Tedesco 2.0? Schalke was very intent on defensive order. That reminded almost a little of former coach Domenico Tedesco, who had led Schalke in his first season, especially by concentrated defenses in second place in the league. Nevertheless, there was a little appetizer for Wagner football when Schalke occasionally tried to combine forward from the defense.

David Wagner (l.) And Marco Rose (r.) Greeted each other warmly


David Wagner (l.) And Marco Rose (r.) Greeted each other warmly

The second half: It began with a great chance for the hosts, as Thuram was through to Pléa, who met with his shot but only the left outer post (55.). Nevertheless, dangerous opportunities remained a rarity - and a product of chance. So in the 73rd minute, as Schalke's Benjamin Stambouli scored in his own fiver Fabian Johnson. Nübel parried against Thuram. But when Rose replaced Raphael shortly afterwards, the game got some momentum. A few seconds after his substitution, he was equal to a long-range shot (78.). Alexander Nübel held the tie for Schalke.

Attack force fizzles: Gladbach's line-up promised plenty of momentum with the three tough strikers Pléa, Thuram and Breel Embolo, who met his former club. For a long time there was hardly anything to see. The new coach Marco Rose likes to rely on strength, fitness and speed. Perhaps a use of playmaker Raffael or wing-winger Patrick Herrmann but would have been more useful as a complement to a storm duo.

Borussia Mönchengladbach - FC Schalke 04 0: 0 (0: 0)
Mönchengladbach: Summer - Lainer, Ginter, Elvedi, Wendt - Zakaria, Bénes, Neuhaus (63rd Johnson) - Embolo (77th Raphael) - Thuram (82nd Traoré), Pléa
Schalke: Nübel - Kenny, Stambouli, Nastasic, Oczipka - McKennie (85th Sané), Mascarell - Raman (74th Reese), Harit (Mercan), Caligiuri - Burgstaller
Yellow cards: Bénes, Neuhaus, Lainer / Stambouli, Caligiuiri
Referee: Brych
Spectator: 53,000

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