News : Bundesliga: BVB loses at Union – The silence of Lucien Favre

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Bundesliga: BVB loses at Union - The silence of Lucien Favre

The heat played Borussia Dortmund in the Berlin Alten Försterei in the cards. In the middle of the second half in the match against Union Berlin, there was a chance to talk to the players in the conscience. A drinking break offered the opportunity to warn, warn, challenge, advise, help, maybe even raise a bit. As Bayern Munich against Mainz only after a drinking break in the game found.

But Dortmund coach Lucien Favre remained Lucien Favre. He prepared a change with his assistants. The players who needed to be awakened from their lethargy just drank. They stayed alone. Only Sebastian Kehl, head of the licensing team, took a step forward and clapped his hands, knowing he was going in the wrong direction.

The coach remained silent.

When Favre was asked why he was not taking advantage of the opportunity he was denied in most other games, he shrugged. He had not understood the questions correctly, he said in the press conference after the 1: 3 defeat, but believe he did the right thing: In a moment in which emotions would have been in demand to tame the emotional monster Union Berlin, prepared Favre made a substitution and switched to a 4-3-3 system. The Dortmund coach remained in his skin.

Loss of control in case of setbacks

There are evenings when everything is going in the wrong direction. Like on this Saturday night, when the defense slept in a corner kick as in the 0-1, as single players made serious mistakes, such as Manuel Akanji at 1: 2.


The fact that Borussia Dortmund has big problems with annoying external circumstances is so common that the opponents can count on it - and they can do it. Already in the past season, or better said: the second half of the season, BVB lost control, nerves and in most cases the points in the slightest setbacks such as the equalizer in the derby against Schalke in their own stadium.

On Saturday, the BVB lost after the 1: 2 in the 50th minute, everything that would have been necessary to prevent a defeat of the championship candidate at the climber. The speed, of which there had been little before, was lost, the precision anyway, a plan was hidden. "We were too hasty, we should have kept our patience," said Favre.

"Thought it will be like in Cologne"

In fact, patience was the problem this evening. The concept of wanting to have control of the ball, allowing the opponent to run in heat, was certainly right given the technical and playful superiority. Eventually there would have to be opportunities.

But Union stood firm, struggling, pushing, pushing, using a factor unfamiliar to the cool Swiss favre. The Dortmund coach complained: "I think we thought a bit that it will be like in Cologne, but that was not the case." In the previous week, Dortmund had won 3-1 after poor performance and deficit.

To believe that somehow it will work, because the players are all better than the opponents, had fatal consequences. Even Captain Marco Reus criticized in an interview with the television channel "Sky": "We must stop believing that we win the games only with quality." That certainly was not addressed to Favre's address. If he nevertheless accepted it as constructive criticism, the self-appointed championship contender Borussia would certainly be helped.

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