News : Bundesliga professional Bakery Jatta could threaten deportation: Does he play ILLEGAL in the Bundesliga?

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Bundesliga professional Bakery Jatta could threaten deportation: Does he play ILLEGAL in the Bundesliga?

Loud "Sports Image "there could be doubts about the identity of Bakery Jatta from the second division Hamburger SV give. The DFB and the authority will examine the case. The German Soccer Liga (DFL) asks for an opinion. The 1.FC Nuremberg appeals against the 0: 4 against the HSV.

Hamburger SV in trouble because of Bakery Jatta

The question of the identity of HSV player Bakery Jatta is examined by the Control Committee of the German Football Association (DFB) and the competent authority. The topic is known here, the Control Committee will investigate the facts, confirmed the DFB Committee Chairman Anton Nachreiner on Wednesday.

According to a report of the "Sport Bild" there should be doubts about the identity of the native of Gambia Jatta. The competent district office Hamburg-Mitte said that it would "intensively examine the case and follow the instructions". The German Football League has asked the second division club and the player for an opinion. On Wednesday evening, the DFB announced that the 1st FC Nuremberg had objected to the classification of the 0: 4 defeat in the league game against Hamburger SV.

Did a false identity bring Bakery Jatta to HSV?

Jatta fled to Germany in 2015 and initially lived near Bremen, Since 2016, the striker at Hamburger SV. According to the "Sport Bild" he could have a different name and older than - as stated - be 21 years. He still has a contract with HSV until June 30, 2024. On dpa-request that was Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BaMF) pointed out that neither an application for asylum had been made in the name of Bakery Jatta nor on Bakary Daffeh mentioned by the "Sport Bild". The player himself was not available for comment.

The Nuremberg justified their objection, according to the DFB with the media reports about Jatta's identity. Accordingly, the granted for him playing entitlement was ineffective. Jatta had been in the starting lineup on Monday in the 4: 0 Hanseaten and played for 65 minutes.

4-0 win could be invalidated because of Bakery Jatta

The responsible DFB sports court had already written to the Hamburger SV and asked for an opinion on the allegations, it said in the DFB release. The panel will have the appeal in due course.

The DFL had previously confirmed that they had been informed by HSV before the league game in Nuremberg on Jatta. "The Hamburger SV has informed the DFL before the game against FC Nuremberg that there may be a media coverage of the identity of the player Bakery Jatta," said the DFL on request. "The player was on the play authorization list at the time of the match, so he was allowed to play."

Is Bakery Jatta now threatening deportation?

As long as Jatta continues to be on the DFL-led play rating list, he may continue to play. Prerequisite is a valid residence permit. Should a residence permit expire or be withdrawn by authorities, the eligibility to play would be dropped. The HSV itself would only have to fear a penalty if a punishable act of the association would be present.

The association referred to valid documents. "We have Bakery Jattas valid passport including residence permit present," stressed HSV CEO Bernd Hoffmann in a club statement. The 56-year-old emphasized that Jatta has shown himself to be an "impeccable sportsman and reliable teammate, and has quickly integrated with our team and our club, and we value him as a player and a man." In addition, the club did not want to comment on the topic until further notice.

How did the allegations of false identity against Bakery Jatta come about?

After the "Sport Bild" had followed up clues, two unspecified football coach want out Africa recognized the man as the player Bakary Daffeh. After the editorial staff of the sports magazine turned to the HSV and a week waited in vain for answers, this decided to publish the status of the research.

If the doubts turn out to be correct, that could mean a whole avalanche of consequences for Bakery Jatta and Hamburger SV. If Jatta came by false or forged documents, he could be prosecuted. In addition to the forfeiture of his residence status, the legitimacy of his participation in the game could be questioned. If convicted, he could then be considered a criminal record and forfeit his chance to ever return to Germany or apply for asylum. Then could the deportation threaten for the Bundesliga pro.

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