News : Bundesliga – Ralf Rangnick cancels Schalke 04 – sport

News : Bundesliga – Ralf Rangnick cancels Schalke 04 – sport

It is the next bitter disappointment in a season to be forgotten for FC Schalke 04. The return of Ralf Rangnick as sports director to the Revierklub, which many had hoped for, will not come of anything. The 62-year-old former coach of the Royal Blues announced his decision in a short statement on Saturday via his media advisor.

“I would have loved to get involved to help Schalke on the difficult path back to old strength,” they say. “Unfortunately, due to the numerous imponderables within the club, I am currently unable to take on the sporting responsibility at S04.” He was the most promising candidate for the successor to sports director Jochen Schneider at the bottom of the table.

Rangnick, who had coached the Revierklub from 2004 to 2005 and for six months in 2011, was to become the new sports director according to the will of influential people from business and politics around the club. This was supported by fans whom Rangnick enjoys a great deal of trust. “Schalke 04 is an affair of the heart for me. The overwhelmingly positive reactions of the royal blue community to my possible return have deeply impressed me and confirmed my feelings for this very special club,” wrote Rangnick now.

National coach post as “coronation” for Rangnick?

The 62-year-old is still a candidate for the successor to national coach Joachim Löw, who will give up his post after the European Championship in the summer. Rangnicks advisor Marc Kosicke had stated that Rangnick was interested in the job as national coach. “He is in his early 60s and in top shape, that would be the culmination of his career,” said Kosicke in an interview with Sport1 a few days ago.

The Schalke supervisory board chairman Jens Buchta was, in his words, “surprised by the rejection and especially the short-term nature”. A first conversation with Rangnicks management on Thursday was constructive and valuable, said Buchta German press agency. “The supervisory board was determined to reach an agreement with Ralf Rangnick in a second round agreed for the coming week.” It is regrettable that it will not come to that. At the same time, the supervisory board had “a certain understanding” of the decision of the former Schalke coach given the events of the last ten days.

Rangnick wishes Schalke that it succeeds in “bundling all forces”

The possible return of Rangnick had caused a lot of excitement and discussion in the club committees. The pro Rangnick group from the club environment had made an attempt to win the former coach as sports director without the knowledge of the supervisory board. The chairman of the supervisory board Buchta had described it as “damaging to the association”. After a debate on Wednesday, however, there were signs of relaxation in the matter.

The group’s spokesman, Frank Haberzettel, regretted Rangnick’s decision. The chairman of the supervisory board, Buchta, “offered our support again”, he told Sport1. “Unfortunately, the supervisory board did not make use of our support. We are sad that we cannot actively help.” Another member of the group, the manager Ulrich Paetzel, announced via Twitter that the cause was not yet “evening every day”. “We keep fighting,” he wrote.

Rangnick wished the club as well as the members and supporters, “that they succeed in bundling all forces to make Schalke 04 a unit again on and off the pitch and to lead it to the top”.

In the table, Schalke is disastrous before the end of the season and has little chance of staying in the class. How things will go on at Schalke after a possible relegation in the summer is now completely open again after Rangnick’s decision. Buchta said: “The supervisory board will now strive for the position of sports director to be filled as quickly as possible.”

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