News : Bundesliga relegation battle: tears in Bremen, Cologne in the relegation – sport

News : Bundesliga relegation battle: tears in Bremen, Cologne in the relegation – sport

Before kick-off

The starting position: Arminia Bielefeld in 15th place (32 points), Werder Bremen in 16th place (31 points), 1. FC Köln in 17th place (30 points). Bielefeld can save itself with a victory in Stuttgart, Bremen (at home against Gladbach) and Cologne (against Schalke) are dependent on outside help. Cologne can only leave the direct relegation zone if Bielefeld and Bremen Not win.

In terms of personnel, Werder Bremen had turned the big wheel at short notice. Change of coach, Kohfeldt gone, Schaaf back. Yes, Thomas Schaaf is actually back as head of the Bremer Bank after eight years of abstinence. He installs a diamond in midfield (of course!), But nominates neither Johan Micoud nor Mesut Özil, Tim Borowski or Claudio Pizarro for his team.

300 kilometers further south, Schalke (already relegated) waived the services of Mark Uth in Cologne. The striker is on loan from Effzeh to Schalke and, as a native of Cologne, should be saved from having to shoot his club of the heart into the second division (“to protect the player and the club”, source: Schalke statement). And otherwise? Relegation rhetoric, of course. “The team pushed each other,” reveals Cologne coach Friedhelm Funkel before kick-off. Clear advantage Cologne, so.

20th minute: Werder is behind

SV Werder Bremen - Borussia Mönchengladbach

Lars Stindl (center) brings Gladbach into the lead, and Werder in need.

(Photo: Carmen Jaspersen / dpa)

It looks very bad for Werder very early on (apparently it hasn’t pushed itself). Early backlog, after three minutes. Lars Stindl scores for Gladbach, Bremen needs a quarter of an hour to recover: Then the first chance, Davie Selke completely free, fails due to goalkeeper Yann Sommer, who is actually already played. Can get expensive on matchday 34. The direct rescue seems far away for Werder, as Bielefeld has so far been harmless (0-0 in Stuttgart). Same intermediate result at Cologne against Schalke.

Half-time: Bremen and Cologne in need

As of now, Arminia Bielefeld would have been saved (33 points), Werder relegated (31 points), Cologne relegated (31 points, worse goal difference). Somewhat happy for Bielefeld, as Stuttgart’s Sasa Kalajdzic is only just offside in his supposed goal. But he is whistled back anyway. Direct rescue is even possible for Cologne, but it would have to hit slowly. In the Sky Studio, expert Didi Hamann oracles: “Centimeters will be decisive today about the descent.”

60th Minute: More goals for Bremen

It’s getting really tricky for Werder. Gladbach first made it 2-0, then 3-0 (goal scorers Thuram and Bensebaini). For Bremen this means: If the team of interim coach Thomas Schaaf does not turn this game around (tendency: very unlikely), Cologne must definitely not win. Will Schaaf finally recognize the seriousness of the situation and bring Micoud and Pizarro?

66th Minute: Bielefeld scores!

Overjoyed: Bielefeld’s Frank Kramer (right) is looking for support.

(Photo: Thomas Kienzle / AFP)

Suddenly there is a big winner: Arminia Bielefeld! Fabian Klos with what is probably the most important penalty goal of his career (66th), very casually in the lower left corner. That means: Bielefeld would currently be saved, who would have thought that? Bremen continues to tremble. And Cologne? Needs! At last! A gate!

70th minute: Cologne hit is denied

And! There! Is! The! Goal! A hit of questionable beauty, Hector’s long cross flies past everyone involved, Sebastian Andersson pushes the ball over the line. Or not? Referee Daniel Siebert looks at the video for a long time, then decides: Foul on Schalke’s Salif Sané, who was illegally blocked by Salih Özcan (just offside). So no goal because of offside. Cologne’s sports director Horst Heldt can’t believe it. Drama!

And the others? Bremen are already 0: 4 behind (Micoud is no longer helping either). Bielefeld leads 2-0 in Stuttgart and can look forward to another year in the first division.

86th Minute: Now the goal counts!

1. FC Koeln v FC Schalke 04 - Bundesliga

The hit for relegation: Sebastiaan Bornauw (far back) heads a.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Cologne needs a goal, we specify: a regular one. Max Meyer leaves, but Ralf Fährmann stops. Can that be true? Will the FC be relegated through an unrecognized goal? A VAR descent? Through the Cologne cellar, of all places? No, Effzeh continues to fight, Hector saves the ball from the sideline and crosses – precisely on the head of Sebastiaan Bornauw (86th), who balances in powerfully. Goal? The view goes to referee Siebert, but this time there is no doubt: the goal counts! Cologne overjoyed; “Kölle Alaaf” roars out of the speakers. Is that the relegation place and the late chance to stay in the top division after all?

Wait, Bremen turns up very late, instead of 0: 4 it is suddenly 2: 4 (goal scorers Rashica and Füllkrug). They won’t …?

Stoppage time: Werder trembles and worries

With a Bremen victory it won’t be any more, the rebellion comes too late. So the prayers go in the direction of Schalke: Only one goal by the Gelsenkircheners who had already been relegated could save Werder, which has not played second-rate since 1981. Schalke tries everything, that’s not the reason, even goalkeeper Fährmann storms with them. Of the five minutes of stoppage time there are three left.

Two more minutes.

Just a minute.

Final whistle: Bremen is relegated

It’s over. Werder Bremen is relegated, as the second team next to Schalke, absolute silence in the Weserstadion. Tears flow here and there. Thomas Schaaf’s rescue mission has clearly failed. This is “a sad day for the whole city, the club and the fans,” says captain Niklas Moisander at Sky.

Arminia Bielefeld, who was considered the number one relegation candidate, is saved, Cologne can at least be relegated. Here it goes on Wednesday against the third in the second division, the opponent will be played on Sunday.

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