News : Bundesliga relegation live stream: Cologne – Kiel live on the Internet

News : Bundesliga relegation live stream: Cologne – Kiel live on the Internet

At 6.30 p.m .: 1. FC Cologne against Holstein Kiel in the live stream: Watch the 2. Bundesliga live on the Internet

1. FC Köln versus Holstein Kiel in the live stream: 1. FC Köln played an overall disappointing season, Holstein Kiel a strong one. However, the last two weeks ensured that the two now meet in the relegation. See the 2nd Bundesliga live on the Internet

Almost everything speaks for Cologne as a clear favorite. That is why Holstein Kiel has to mobilize the last reserves of strength in the race for promotion to the Bundesliga. The second division footballers want on Wednesday (6.30 p.m. / DAZN) Achieve a good starting position in the relegation first leg at 1. FC Köln for the first-time promotion of a team from Schleswig-Holstein to the Bundesliga and write club history. “It’s a difficult task, but we are tackling it. We are not playing the role of outsider for the first time this season and will again sell our skin as dearly as possible,” said KSV trainer Ole Werner.

But this game is also crucial for Cologne: The seventh relegation should be prevented. The decision will be made on Saturday, when the third-last Bundesliga player from the cathedral city visits the storks. “We’re extremely focused. We want to tear this thing off,” said offensive player Fabian Reese.

1. Watch FC Köln – Holstein Kiel in the live stream – that’s how it works

Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. – Relegation to DAZN (advertisement)

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Spectators at the Bundesliga relegation second leg in limbo

The Kiel authorities want to decide on Thursday whether spectators will be admitted to the relegation second leg of the second division football team Holstein Kiel against 1. FC Köln. “We are currently in constructive talks. City, state, police and club are pulling together in this special situation to find solutions for this exciting sporting event together,” said Kiel’s head of regulatory affairs, Christian Zierau, to the “Kieler Nachrichten” on Wednesday. But he also assured that after the incidents last Sunday there was a consensus to adjust the measures to the extent that large crowds are avoided.

During the last second division game last Sunday against Darmstadt 98 (2: 3), around 1,500 supporters from Holstein Kiel had gathered in front of the Holstein Stadium, according to police. Distance and hygiene rules were disregarded.

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