News : Bundesliga TV rights: Dazn takes on live games from Eurosport

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Bundesliga TV rights: Dazn takes on live games from Eurosport

The DAZN streaming service takes over the TV rights to the football Bundesliga from the broadcaster Eurosport. This was announced by DAZN and Eurosport in the morning. From the beginning of August in the season until the end of the legal period 2021 shows the Internet provider a total of 40 Bundesliga games live - 30 games on Friday, five each on Sunday and Monday. In addition, all relegation matches and the Supercup will be broadcast.

The start is on the 3rd of August with the Supercup game between German champions Bayern München and vice-president Borussia Dortmund. So far, Eurosport has been broadcasting a total of 40 games per season on its pay platforms in the German-speaking region since 2017.

The agreement is part of a larger cooperation between DAZN and Eurosport. Accordingly, the content of Eurosport should also be distributed via the streaming service.

The sale of Bundesliga rights is not the only agreement between the two broadcasters. An extensive cooperation was also agreed upon, with the TV stations Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 being integrated in DAZN. In the future, DAZN will also be able to show numerous major sporting events such as the Olympic Games, three tennis grand slams and the Alpine Ski World Cup.

With over 8,000 live events a year, DAZN becomes the largest live sports broadcaster in the German-speaking world. For customers, this means that the subscription price increases from August 1 from 9.99 to 11.99 euros.

Eurosport had transferred the Bundesliga since the 2017/18 season and paid 70 million euros for the rights package. DAZN wanted to start only from 2021 on a major attack on the live rights. So far, the streaming service showed only the highlights of the Bundesliga and the second league.

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