News : Bundesliga: Wolfsburg celebrate 3-0 success in very weak Hertha BSC team

News :

Bundesliga: Wolfsburg celebrate 3-0 success in very weak Hertha BSC team

Bundesliga, Matchday 2: Wolfsburg celebrates a 3-0 win against very weak Berliners

VfL Wolfsburg celebrates the second victory in the second Bundesliga game. The wolves win highly deserved in very weak Berliners 3-0. In the first half Wout Weghorst meets from point. After the break, Josip Brekalo and Jerome Roussillon increase.

Hertha BSC - VfL Wolfsburg 0: 3 (0: 1)

0: 1 Weghorst (9th, FE), 0: 2 Brekalo (82nd), 0: 3 Roussillon (90th)

Hertha: Jarstein - Klünter, Stark, Rekik, Central City - Grujic, Darida (Selke, 61.) - Lukebakio, Duda (Lion, 75.), Kalou (Redan, 70.) - Ibisevic

Wolfsburg: Casteels - Knoche, Guilavogui, Brooks - William, Schlager (Gerhardt, 83.), Arnold, Roussillon - Klaus (Mehmedi, 63.), Weghorst, Joao Victor (Brekalo, 76.)

The essentials in brief: VfL Wolfsburg have spoiled Hertha BSC's home debut in the new Bundesliga season. The Niedersachsen won on Sunday with 3: 0 (1: 0) in the Berlin Olympic Stadium and celebrated their second victory in the second game. Wout Weghorst scored in the ninth minute with a penalty kick.

Substitutes Josip Brekalo (82) and Jerome Roussillon (90 ') had made the decision five minutes earlier. The team of new coach Oliver Glasner climbed to fourth place of the table. The Hertha and their new coach Ante Covic missed it, after the 2-2 coup to kick off the record champion Bayern Munich nachzulegen. The capital club fell back to eleventh place.

2nd half

19:58: Final whistle! The VfL Wolfsburg wins deservedly 3-0 at Hertha BSC!

90th minute: Three minutes will be replayed!

Roussillon to 3: 0

90 minutes: Toooooor for Wolfsburg! Wolfsburg runs Berlin and the ball. Over several stations the ball lands at Roussillon, who leaves Jarstein from the penalty line no chance.

88th minute: Hertha is still without a chance in the second half. Wolfsburg was lucky in the first 45 minutes, but now clearly determines the game and earns deserved.

85th minute: Can Hertha answer here again? Currently, it does not really indicate anything. This is a very disappointing performance in the second round.

Brekalo increased

82 minutes: Tooooor for Wolfsburg! Brekalo gets the ball 40 yards from goal. The Croatian moves past Stark in the middle and then hits the ball in the right corner. Very strong action by Brekalo.

81st minute: Roussillon is sent and is off. He looks at the long corner, but fails by a few inches. A few seconds later, however, will be decided on offside anyway.

78th minute: Finally a chance. Free kick from the left half position for Wolfsburg. Weghorst comes relatively unsure of the header. The thing is just over it. Jarstein does not have to intervene.

76th minute: The wolves make it against it sent. They are not interested in going for the second goal, but instead are extremely secure in the back and do not allow anything.

73 minutes: The first 30 minutes of Hertha were so promising. Enjoyment, dueling strength and numerous big chances. Meanwhile, all this is gone and nothing more to see. Wolfsburg continues to beat the second victory in the second game here.

Water break

69th minute: Since there is nothing else to report from the game, a little side note: It still has 28 degrees in Berlin, so there is again a drinking break.

65th minute: Finally, once again the pace of the Berliners. Class ball on Lukebakio. The left foot must bring in the ball with the right - and that looks rather bad. We are still waiting for the first chance of the 2nd half!

62nd minute: Covic changes offensively. Selke is in the game for Darida. With the wolves Klaus goes - for him Mehmedi is now.

58th minute: The level of the game is now significantly weaker compared to the first 30 minutes. Both teams hardly ever get into the dangerous rooms. Wolfsburg will not interfere with a 1-0 lead.

55 minutes: Ibisevic is through. But the Bosnian takes far too long and loses the ball to Brooks. Very weak from the Hertha striker.

52nd minute: The Hertha comes completely unfocused from the half. No duel strength, a lot of playback errors. Ante Covic is out there - he does not like it here at all.

49th minute: The VfL comes out of the cab better than at halftime 1. Joao Victor moves into the center 20 meters before the gate and then closes. He does not hit the ball properly and Jarstein is there.

46th. Minute: Continue!

1st half

18.50 clock: break in Berlin!

45th minute: Four minutes of added time in the Olympic Stadium! The Elfersituation, which was already controlled after a few seconds, had taken a lot of time.

42nd minute: Still successful against Cologne from a distance, Arnold hits it from 25 meters on. But the ball passes clearly. Jarstein does not have to intervene.

Wolfsburg calms game

38th minute: The momentum of Hertha is gone. Wolfsburg defends this much more active and goes on it sooner in the construction game. With that, the Covic-Elf is struggling.

34th minute: Now five quieter minutes from the Hertha. The VfL wants to use the phase and does something for itself. Klaus goes to the baseline in 1: 1, but then strongly pushed.

30th minute: Corner for the Hertha from the right side. The ball is briefly played in the penalty area on Kalou. Schlager but strongly intervenes and can clarify.

27 minutes: The Hertha continues to play brilliantly in front. The joy of playing is really to be noted. Now Klünter brings the ball to the center. Ibisevic is there, but barely gets to the ball. The leadership for Wolfsburg is very flattering.

24th minute: After half of the first half there is a drinking break in the Olympic Stadium.

Grujic chance

21 minutes: The next mega-chance for Hertha. Lukebakio on Duda, who continues straight to Grujic. The scorer from Munich skin right on it. Casteels blocks. But Grujic is back, now Guilavogui saves with a sensational streak. Lying on the ground, he somehow gets his leg in between!

19 minutes: Wolfsburg can finally breathe a bit, but so far has not emerged in front of the box of the hosts except for the penalty. Hertha plays that mostly very strong.

15 minutes: Only Hertha! Kalou is searched again. His shot is too out of place! Shortly afterwards, Lukebakio sends Duda. Casteels is there and can clarify.

12th Minute: Almost the 1: 1! Darida with the perfect flank on Kalou. He is completely free to header, but fails by a few inches. Incredible beginning!

11th minute: What is going on here?! Hertha pushes further, wants the direct answer. Especially about Kalou goes in the initial phase a lot.

Wolfsburg leadership

9th Minute: Toooor for Wolfsburg! Weghorst stays cool and pushes in on the bottom left!

8 minutes: Penalty for Wolfsburg! Rekik clearly brings Klaus down in the penalty area. Penalty!

7th minute: Hertha is here the better team and comes out with a lot of momentum. That's exactly what Ante Covic demanded!

Referee takes back Hertha-Elfer

3 minutes: The video umpire reports to Guido Winkmann, who looks at the story outside on the monitor again. After two minutes he takes back the penalty. The right decision!

1st Minute: What a start in the Olympic Stadium! Duda throws the ball wide and is easily hit by Guilavogui in the box. The VfL defender touches but very clearly - and almost exclusively - the ball and can clarify. Nevertheless, there are penalties - after 15 seconds.

1 minute: The ball rolls!

17:56: The players come to the square! In a few moments, it's finally here!

17:15: Welcome to the live ticker of FOCUS Online. Ante Covic is facing his home debut as head coach of Hertha BSC. The Berlin will welcome VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday in the first match of the season at the Olympic Stadium.

The capital club wants to refine the strong 2: 2 to kick off at Rekordmeister Bayern Munich. Covic will have to do without the injured Marvin Plattenhardt, Dedryck Boyata, Javairo Dilrosun and Arne Maier. Hertha has not won against Wolfsburg for four games. The Lower Saxony had started with a 2-1 home win over promoted 1. FC Cologne in the new Bundesliga season.

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