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Bundesliga Women - Strong league demanded - Sport

After the end of the World Cup demands the sports director of the first division VfL Wolfsburg, Ralf Kellermann, investment and "far-reaching concepts". The future head of the German Football Association must position itself clearly.

After the end of the women's football World Cup, the sports director of the Bundesliga VfL Wolfsburg, Ralf Kellermann, calls for investment and "far-reaching concepts" for German women's football. DFB and league are required, wrote the former master coach in the Kicker. "By this I mean, among other things, the coach education in the leagues as well as in the junior area, stricter admission criteria for the league and its consistent implementation, TV presence and marketing." At the World Cup, the German football women were eliminated in the quarterfinals against Sweden. As a result, the team had missed the Olympics participation in Tokyo in 2020. According to Kellermann, the World Cup has clearly shown that the German team is currently unable to keep up with the level of the Americans. Recently, they have rested too much on success "and the process, which has been hinted at for some time, not really taken seriously," wrote Kellermann. The national team but need a strong league and vice versa. The future DFB top must be clearly positioned to women's football.

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