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Buy used bike in Wallapop. All you need to know

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If you are looking for one second hand bike It is likely that he at least snooped at Wallapop. Today's most popular second-hand buying and selling platform is a resource that thousands and thousands of cyclists go to daily looking for a good bike. The offer of bicycles in Wallapop It is immense so it is worth paying close attention to the small details. Frame condition, steering and bearing wear, tire quality or simply take into account the last time the transmission system was changed (plate, sprockets and chain).

The risk of buying one second hand bike It is undoubtedly high, so this time I created a basic guide that all buyers could use as a support tool to avoid getting a goal through Wallapop. In other words, sell you cat for a hare with the famous "ready for sale" or the classic "recently revised bike." From now on you can buy more quiet and safe!

Buy used bike by Wallapop - purchase warnings

Brand and model

The market offer is immense and although you can hardly find all the existing models and brands, you will probably have to decide between a wide range of possibilities enough to even overwhelm you.

Personally, I would recommend that you focus primarily on the top bike brands trying to flee from minor brands, with little name or of doubtful origin. With this I am not saying at all that minor brands are bad, but it is true that the most popular brands have more tested their models. The risk is always there but there are concrete models that have been in the market for a long time and the problems they have historically given are virtually nil. This point is applicable to both road bikes and MTBs.

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Check the general condition of your bike, paying special attention to the group and transmission system


Do not get carried away by a heater or an offer that seems irresistible. Finding the right size is one of the main points to consider. An error in the choice of size can cause injuries and discomforts that over time become a chronic ailment. I would recommend that you carefully look at the technical data sheet or geometry of the bicycle but as this is practically impossible I leave you with our practical guide for Know the size of the bike.

Pay attention also to the geometry of the bicycle. If you have back problems, do not buy an aero bike, however beautiful it may seem. Adapt the bicycle to your needs and not vice versa.

Frame Status

The bicycle frame is the structure on which you are going to mount the rest of the components. It is important that it is in good condition, that it has sufficient rigidity and that it does not have any type of gap. I recommend that you spend a few seconds reviewing the painting, it will not be that when you get home you will encounter some disgust. Choosing between carbon, aluminum or steel is already rather a personal matter and it will depend fundamentally on the budget and the use you are going to give to the bicycle.


The group is next to the frame and the wheels the most important part of a bicycle. Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo are the three major manufacturers worldwide, and although there are many road groups and many mountain groups I would tell you that rather than looking at the quality of the group you will look at the state of this. Surely it is better to buy a bicycle with a new and in perfect condition Shimano 105 group than a bicycle equipped with Shimano Ultegra but much more worn.


This point would tell you that it is the least important of all. If you are offered a road or mountain bike with new tires, then better than better. Still excessive wear on the covers should not be seen as alarming. Just change the game to solve the problem. Fortunately on the internet they are sold road decks Y mountain decks with significant discounts and at a great price. If the tires are very worn, try to lower the price a bit justifying that these tires are practically unusable and that you are forced to change them to be able to leave with guarantees.

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The state of the roofs has a relative importance


If you are looking for bicycles by Wallapop I imagine that you will be especially interested in finding a good bargain. Haggle to find the lowest price It becomes an art. Having temper, cold blood and waiting until the last moment can be a good tactic to press the seller, however it is likely that if the product is really worth someone, you will go ahead and end up running your hand over your face. In Wallapop the issue of prices is quite controlled and the fact that all offers are public clearly benefits buyers. Through other users you can inform yourself of the approximate price at which a particular product is sold. If they charge you more expensive you will always have a justification

General wear

Doing a general review before buying is very important. If you have been in the world of two wheels for a while you will quickly realize the state of the bicycle, however I recommend that you take a turn on it to make sure everything is correct. Obviously the wear of plates, chain and sprockets is part of the usual use of the product. your interest should focus especially on the axes and rotation points, also controlling that the direction has no slack.


Before buying a bicycle you should ask yourself some questions. One of them should be about the utility you are going to give it. Although everything is bicycles, nothing has to do with a racing bike with a great one. The geometry is much more aggressive and if your intention is to participate in the toughest cycling tours in Europe it makes no sense to buy an aerodynamic model. Is important that before scratching your pocket, be sure what you are going to do with the bike. How often will you go out and what kind of routes will you face. You would not be the first to buy something with a good heater and then regret it. In addition all bicycles lose value quickly and some models and sizes are difficult to replace in the market.

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