News : BVB elimination against Manchester City The pressure was just too great

News : BVB elimination against Manchester City The pressure was just too great

Scene of the game: In the 54th minute, a flank ball sailed into the Dortmund penalty area for the umpteenth time, Emre Can wanted to head him off, but the attempt failed him thoroughly, the ball jumped to his arm. Penalty kick. Quite tricky, because if Can had clearly beheaded him on his own arm, according to the rule, this would actually have been a reason to let the game continue. But this was not really recognizable, referee Carlos del Cerro Grande stayed with his decision even after consulting the video referee. Riyad Mahrez turned it into a 1: 1 equalizer, BVB’s resistance was broken.

The first half: The Dortmund team started disciplined, courageous, the wages already after a quarter of an hour: At 17 years and 289 days, Bellingham made himself the second youngest scorer in the Champions League. Only Bojan Krkic had scored younger in 2008 – in the quarter-finals of FC Barcelona against Schalke, that alone brings tears to your eyes. Then City got on the express train with its combinations as if on rails. Game for a goal, but the result was only one goal from Kevin De Bruyne. At the break, the fifth place in the Bundesliga was actually in the semi-finals.

The second half: At some point the pressure was just too great, at some point the Dortmund bulwark had to give way. Even if it only happened through a penalty. City had tightened the noose. The 2: 1 by Foden was only logical. Goalkeeper Marvin Hitz has certainly held balls like the 20-year-old’s long-range shot at one point in his career. BVB would have needed three goals, after that he didn’t even have a chance.

Player of the game: And tears in my eyes again when you think about Kevin De Bruyne once playing for Werder Bremen. The Belgian was the hinge in Josep Guardiola’s perfectly oiled machinery. Everywhere on the ball, distributor, passer, baton swing, and he was also the man for the goal danger. So in the end there was a miracle from Dortmund: Kevin De Bruyne remained without a hit.

Change of game: Guardiola changed for the first time in the 87th minute. He brought Raheem Sterling, this exceptional striker, for three minutes left. What selection in this squad, what cornucopia that has poured over this club.

Blast of the game: Foden’s gate. Otherwise, BVB fans had organized fireworks in front of the City Hotel several times the night before the game to disrupt the team’s sleep. But that actually encouraged the team to do it on the pitch. Awake.

Quote of the game: “How are you supposed to get the ball?” Sky live commentator Kai Dittmann desperate over the city dominance. You didn’t see it, but he must have got up and applauded.

Farewell to the game: ManCity and Guardiola initially bid farewell to Borussia Mönchengladbach from the Champions League in the round of 16, but now they have done a similar thing with BVB in the quarter-finals. City will be seen again in the premier class in the coming season, but in all likelihood BVB will not be seen for the time being. The semi-finals will take place without German participation. Last year there were two German teams in the semi-finals: Bayern and RB Leipzig.

Knowledge of the game: To be in the semi-finals virtually for 40 minutes against this outstanding English combination manufacturer will probably be Borussia Dortmund’s biggest success of the season.

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