News : BVB – Holstein Kiel in the ticker: DFB-Pokal – Dortmund after gala in the final

News : BVB – Holstein Kiel in the ticker: DFB-Pokal – Dortmund after gala in the final

DFB-Pokal, semi-finals: BVB after the gala against Kiel in the final – huge shock when Morey was injured

Gala performance of Borussia Dortmund in the semi-finals of the DFB Cup. BVB wins against Holstein Kiel 5-0. Marco Reus, Thorgan Hazard, Jude Bellingham and Giovanni Reyna meet twice for Dortmund. The success is overshadowed by an injury to Mateu Morey.

Borussia Dortmund – Holstein Kiel 5: 0 (5: 0)

1-0 Reyna (16th), 2-0 Reyna (23rd), 3-0 Reus (26th), 4-0 Hazard (32nd), 5-0 Bellingham (42nd)

BVB: Hitz – Piszczek (Morey, 62nd, Meunier 74th), Akanji, Hummels, Guerreiro – Can (Delaney, 62nd), Bellingham – Reus (Reinier, 62nd), Reyna (Brandt, 46th), Sancho – Hazard
Dähne – Dehm (Neumann, 46.), Wahl, Lorenz, Komenda (Porath, 46.) – Meffert, Hauptmann, Lee (Girth, 76.) – Bartels (Mees, 68.), Serra (Arslan, 30.), Reese

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Werder Bremen – RB Leipzig

The essentials in brief: Borussia Dortmund stopped outsider Holstein Kiel and reached the DFB Cup final for the tenth time. Without the injured striker Erling Haaland, the fifth in the Bundesliga won 5-0 (5-0) against the previous surprise team from the 2nd division.

The goalscorers Giovanni Reyna (16th / 23rd minute), Marco Reus (27th), Thorgan Hazard (32nd) and Jude Bellingham (42nd) ensured clear conditions early on in the empty Signal Iduna Park. On May 13, BVB will meet RB Leipzig in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, who defeated Werder Bremen 2-1 after extra time on Friday.

Mateu Morey from Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund may have sustained a serious injury. The 21-year-old Spaniard came up unhappy in a duel against Holstein Kiel in the DFB Cup semi-final on Saturday, screamed in pain and had to be carried off the pitch with an apparent knee injury. A good 15 minutes before the end of the game, Thomas Meunier came on for Morey.

10:18 p.m.: That’s it! After a very strong performance and a 5-0 win against Holstein Kiel, BVB is in the final of the DFB Cup.

87th minute: Strong parade now again from Dähne against Sancho, who fails a strong flick from twelve meters.

84th minute: At BVB you can still see the joy of playing. However, in the second half the precision on the last pass is missing.

81st minute: Dortmund suddenly does more again, has been more determined in its own actions since the Morey injury.

78th minute: Giant scene from Bellingham, who passes two Kielers and then pushes the ball centimeters past the left post from a short distance.

76th minute: In the meantime, this clearly has the character of a training game. BVB are taking things a lot easier without losing focus defensively.

Big BVB fright when Morey was injured

71st minute: Big shock for BVB all of a sudden. Morey lies on the lawn screaming and crying. He probably twisted his knee badly while sprinting into defense. The players can hardly look. Morey must be taken from the field on the stretcher. Meunier is coming for him.

69th minute: Suddenly Portath has a lot of space. But he takes too much time. Hummels straddles in between with full commitment and can clarify.

66th minute: Chance for Kiel. Bartels with the fine chip ball on Arslan. He takes the cross with his head. But the ball is far too unplaced and heat can easily catch the leather.

62nd minute: Triple change at BVB: Morey, Delaney and Reinier come for Piszczek, Can and the very strong Reus.

59th minute: Schlenzer from Sancho from 20 meters. A good two meters to the right.

57th minute: BVB is now taking it a little more relaxed. Kiel continues to play along happily. Now a free kick from 35 meters, which Hitz easily absorbs.

54th minute: Hummels comes free to header after a corner. But it doesn’t hit the leather properly and Dähne can finally get hold of a ball.

52nd minute: As was the case recently Lukasz Piszczek should be emphasized at BVB. The Pole shows very impressively why he is currently ahead of Morey and especially Meunier.

49th minute: Both teams switched at halftime. At BVB, Brandt is now on for Reyna double goal scorer. Neumann and Porath are now allowed to take on Kiel for Dehm and Komenda.

46th minute: Let’s go on!

9.15 p.m.: Half time!

44th minute: Now Kiel. Arslan from 25 meters. Heat takes a long time and has the ball.

Bellingham continues BVB gala

42nd minute: TOOOR for BVB! Everything goes! About Sancho and Hazard, the Dortmunders dance in the Kiel half free. At the end of the chain is Bellingham, whose shot ends up deflected to 5-0 in the guests’ goal.

39th minute: Dortmund plays dream football here. Ingenious one-two between Reus and Hazard. The Belgian pulls from the edge of the penalty area. The ball then clearly passes to the left.

36th minute: Of course, BVB now has endless self-confidence. Almost everything works. That can get really bitter for Kiel now – it is actually already now.

BVB: Hazard increased for Gala Dortmund

32nd minute: TOOOR for BVB! Very bad bad pass from Meffert. Hazard is therefore free and does not give Dähne a chance.

31st minute: Change at Kiel! Serra has to get out injured. Arslan comes for him.

27th minute: Now it’s going to be wild. Reese almost with the port. The striker pulls in the middle and slams the ball against the right inside post. Luck for Dortmund.

BVB magic in the semifinals

26th minute: TOOOR for BVB! Now they are marching! Can with the ingenious chip pass on Reus. He takes the ball with him again and then pushes it in easily.

23rd minute: TOOOR for BVB! An absolute dream goal! Reus initiates the scene himself, then ingeniously takes the ball with him. The BVB puts forward from the baseline with the hoe on Guerriro. The Portuguese pushes the hoe across again. Reyna just has to hold out her foot for his second hit.

22nd minute: But BVB also stays tuned, especially playing free again and again on the left Guerreiro side.

19th minute: But even now Kiel reacts calmly, continues to play forward. There will of course be more rooms for BVB.

BVB guided tour by Reyna

16. Minute: TOOOR for BVB! Sancho penetrates the center from the left, lays across Reyna. The American takes a few steps and then easily hits the right corner!

15th minute: Kiel is really strong here. With very fine combinations, they play their way again and again easily in the direction of the BVB penalty area. Only the last pass has not yet come.

12th minute: 3-2 situation for BVB. Reyna can send Reus, but decides for the passport out to Hazard. It is pushed too far and the chance is wasted.

8th minute: But Kiel is also there, now for your own safety lets the ball run a little through your own ranks. Incidentally, Hazard occupies the position of the injured Erling Haaland at the front of the storm.

BVB: Big chance for Reus

5th minute: Big thing for BVB, who played it great from the center over the left side. Guerreiro brings the ball in flat after a great combination, Reus missed by centimeters from close range.

4th minute: BVB starts with a lot of momentum. But Kiel is also early on in the front. Two teams that are offensive.

1st minute: The ball rolls!

8:27 p.m .: The teams come onto the pitch. It’s about to start!

BVB line-up: Haaland is missing injured

7:33 p.m.: The BVB lineup is there. And there is a real bang right away. Striker Erling Haaland is not available to Dortmund due to muscular problems.

Thorgan Hazard or Marco Reus will probably take over his position in the storm today. Otherwise Edin Terzic will have to do without the form-strong Mahmoud Dahoud.

BVB coach Terzic: “Know how difficult it can be against second division clubs”

10.30 a.m .: “You can’t say which is more important,” replied Thomas Delaney when asked whether qualifying for the Champions League or the possible first title for BVB since 2017 would be more important. In emotional terms, however, the Danish international sees a difference: “The league is life and bread, but the trophy is a dream. I’m hungry for a title.”

Unlike Delaney, Michael Zorc did without a similar prioritization. “I wouldn’t want to separate. We want both: the qualification and to Berlin,” commented the sports director. With all the anticipation for the duel with the ambitious second division team from Kiel and with all the pride about the recent record of success in the championship with four wins in a row, he reminded the professionals of the most important goal of the season: “In the Bundesliga it looks a little better now, but stand now we are not qualified. “

How uncomfortable an underdog can be as an opponent, Borussia felt in the round of 16 against Paderborn, when they only managed to win (3: 2) in extra time. “We know how difficult it can be against a second division team,” warned Terzic.

Kiel coach Werner: “It would be an insane sensation”

10.00 a.m .: Welcome to FOCUS Online’s live ticker. Holstein Kiel wants to add another chapter to its success story in the DFB Cup. On Saturday, the second division soccer team will compete in the second DFB semi-final at Borussia Dortmund.

The Bayern conqueror is in the semifinals for the first time in his history. Despite the hunted schedule in the 2nd Bundesliga with three catch-up games and three more match days, the Kielers would have no objection to an additional encounter on May 13 in Berlin.

“If we get to the final, it would be an incredible sensation,” said coach Ole Werner. Werner called the fitness of his team “not optimal, but best possible” after two quarantine breaks. Should the Kielers have to detain in Dortmund, Werner would accept that. “If we get the penalty shoot-out, we’ll have done a lot right,” he said.

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