News : BVB turns against 1. FC Cologne the game: 3-1 victory at the 2nd Bundesliga match day

News :

BVB turns against 1. FC Cologne the game: 3-1 victory at the 2nd Bundesliga match day

1. FC Köln - Borussia Dortmund 1: 3 (1: 0)

Gates: 1: 0 Drexler (29th), 1: 1 Sancho (70th), 1: 2 Hakimi (86th), Alcácer (90 + 4th)

1. FC Cologne: Horn - Ehizibue, Bornauw, Czichos, Hector - Schindler, Skhiri, Verstraete, Drexler - Cordoba (55th Terodde), Modeste (81st Höger)
BVB: Bürki - Piszczek, Akanji, Hummels, Schulz (62nd Hakimi) - Weigl (62nd Brandt), Witsel - Sancho, Reus, Hazard (84th Bruun Larsen) - Alcácer

The essentials in brief: Title contender Borussia Dortmund has also won his second season game in the Bundesliga. In promoted 1. FC Cologne BVB secured on Friday evening a 3-1 (0-1) work victory, although the team of coach Lucien Favre disappointed over long distances. Achraf Hakimi (86th minute) and Paco Alcacer (90. + 4) saved the guests with their late goals victory. Previously, Jadon Sancho scored the 1-1 equalizer in the 70th minute. Cologne had taken the lead with a goal from Dominick Drexler in the 29th minute, but eventually lost the second defeat after the relegation.

The voices to the game:

Julian Brandt: "In the end, we showed morale, that speaks for us of course, substitutes are there to give new impulses." Hakimi makes the goal, I bring freshness into the offensive game. "It speaks for the quality width, which we have in the squad, there is one healthy competition, that's good for us in general. "

Achim Beierlorzer: It was a pity that we are now empty-handed and there was no noteworthy chance for Dortmund in the first half, a 1-1 draw after a quick corner from Dortmund - in my view, that was Dortmund's first chance. "

Marco Reus: We kept our patience in the second half, especially on the outside, and we did not have a lot of opportunities today, but we did the ones we had, it was a matter of time before Cologne is tired, we showed again today what a team we have, it was a perfect start to measure, so everything is fine. "

1. FC Köln - BVB in the Ticker-Protokoll

90 +. 5 Minute: Final whistle in Cologne! In the end, it will be very bitter for the FC.

90 +. 4 Minute: Tooooor for BVB! Dortmund counters Cologne now ice cold. Sancho puts in the box across the better positioned Alcácer, who pushes in from seven meters to 3: 1.

90 +. 1 Minute: Strong defensive work by Brandt. The BVB Joker sprints backwards and spits Drexler on the edge of the box the ball off the foot.

90th minute: There is five minutes extra time.

86 minutes: Toooooor for BVB! Piszczek crosses from the right into the middle and Hakimi nods to 2: 1 at the far post!

84th minute: Favre makes his last change. Bruun Larsen replaces Hazard.

81st minute: Cologne now wants to save the point over time with all its strength. Midfielder Modeste will be replaced by a defensive midfielder with Höger in the closing stages.

76th minute: Skhiri holds a heart and pulls off from about 30 meters. The long shot of the Cologne flies clearly over the crossbar.

70th Minute: Toooooor for BVB! The guests carry out a corner from the right side in a flash, the ball lands in the penalty area at Sancho. The 19-year-old Englishman takes a measured position from a half-right position and circles the ball with his left foot into the long corner.

63rd minute: With Brandt in the field it burns immediately in the Cologne penalty area. The national player puts the ball through to Reus, who grabs the horn from eight meters. Czichos rescues Cologne on the line before equalizing.

62nd minute: Double change at BVB. Weigl and Schulz give way to Brandt and Hakimi.

58th minute: Piszczek sees yellow for curious reasons. The Pole had to be treated for a collision with Bornauw two minutes in the Cologne penalty area, limping then with a bump on his forehead until further notice from the square. When he ran back to the field, he got yellow - allegedly, because he did not agree with his return to the square with the referee staff.

56 minutes: Good chance for BVB! Hazard places himself in the middle of the box to the center of Alcácer. The Spaniard pulls past with his first ball contact at a Cologne, then closes off with right flat. Horn reacts immediately and parries from close range.

55th minute: Cordoba, who was very present today, is slightly beaten and limping off the field. For him, Terodde comes into play again.

49th minute: Almost the 2: 0 for Cologne! Ehizibue carries the ball forward, over Drexler the ball lands on the left in the penalty area at Cordoba. The striker shoots sharply, hitting Akanji, who hits the ball into his own goal. Just past the left post.

46th Minute: Re-start - the second half is running. Both teams are unchanged.

45 +. 1 Minute: Pause whistle in Cologne.

45th minute: There is a minute on top.

43 minutes: What is Bürki doing there? The BVB goalkeeper takes a back pass on the line with the foot, then wants to prattle past the storming Cordoba. But he does not succeed. The Cologne conquered the ball, but does not come to the shot on goal, because the ball jumps too far away.

38th minute: The very dynamic Ehizibue flies from the right side to the middle on Modeste. Its header flies clearly over the crossbar.

34th minute: At the front BVB is completely in the air. Sancho and Reus are currently barely visible, Hazard can always fall deep into the midfield to get hold of balls, but then fumbles mostly unhappy on his left offensive side.

29th Minute: Tooooor for the 1st FC Cologne! Skhiri extends a corner from the right with his head. At the far post Drexler rushes in and heads the FC with a header to the deserved lead.

22nd minute: Horn has to parry a ball on the line for the first time. Reus hits a free-kick from 25 yards over the wall, the ball lowers and threatens to hit in the lower left corner. Horn is here and keeps the FC in front of the residue.

18th minute: Again come the Cologne dangerous before the gate! Hector may deduct from the left half of the box at the level of the edge of the box without pressure - just past the right post.

16th minute: Good opportunity for the FC! Ezihibue conquers the ball in midfield on the right, immediately sends the on-coming Modeste. He fills the right side down to the baseline - and flanks flat in the middle. Cordoba scrapes past the far post just past the cross.

14th minute: Sancho hits a corner from the left in the middle, Hummels comes rushing with all his might and heads the ball about half a meter over the crossbar.

5th minute: Sancho sends Reus a slight pass on the right side. However, the pass gets a bit too long and jumps into the goal.

3rd minute: Verstraete enters a corner from left sharply in the middle. Piszczek has paid attention and comes before the Cologne strikers to the ball.

2nd minute: Modeste is victorious in the header duel against Hummels, the Cologne extends a high ball in the lead on Cordoba. This comes at the edge of the box but not on the ball. Dortmund can clarify.

1st minute: The ball rolls in Cologne! FC striker Modeste is kicking off.

20:27: In Cologne, the emotions cook while singing the club anthem yet. The fans in the ranks is to see how much they have longed for this return to the Bundesliga.

20:11: This afternoon, a few thousand fans of 1. FC Köln prayed in the crowded Cologne Cathedral for a good season of the FC and a fair course. During the ecumenical devotion, which has meanwhile taken place for the sixth time before the first home game, the Cologne fans raised their scarves as the FC anthem "Mir stonn zo dir, FC Kölle" sounded through the cathedral.

19:38: Also the starting eleven of 1. FC Cologne is available. In contrast to the defeat in Wolfsburg, FC coach Achim Beierlorzer makes three changes. Bornauw, Schindler and Cordoba are allowed to play from the start, but Höger, Kainz and Meré have to go to the bank.

19:35: The BVB lineup is here. Lucien Favre relies on the same starting eleven as on the opening win against Augsburg - with one exception. The recovered Roman Bürki starts instead of Marwin Hitz between the posts.

Welcome to the live ticker on FOCUS Online. Already on Matchday 2, the competition in the fight against Borussia Dortmund to all sorts of means and lucky charms. Promoted 1. FC Cologne will get before the Bundesliga duel with BVB on Friday only divine assistance, then welcome a new mascot and finally play in the field "all or nothing". And the BVB probably put it before a real character test.

Lucien Favre: "1. FC Cologne better prepared than Augsburg"

"We are prepared for everything," assured BVB coach Lucien Favre before the game on Friday and spoke quite awesome by the Cologne. "It will be a tough game, you are much better prepared than Augsburg." The FCA defeated Dortmund 5-1 in the opening match and set a sign in the expected title fight with Bayern Munich.

That's what the people of Cologne want. And they resort to all psychological means. Four hours before the first home game against the title contender and league leaders, the entire FC family meets for a red and white church service in Cologne Cathedral, will pray for a successful season and stretch the scarves at the FC anthem. Before the game Geißbock Hennes IX. presented as the new mascot to the 50,000 spectators as the successor to Hennes VIII, who suffers from osteoarthritis. And for the 90 minutes football coach Achim Beierlorzer promises that his team will "take the heart in their hands and play full on attack".

BVB can build on Roman Bürki again

The Dortmunder impressed that quite. "In addition to our existing playful quality and a certain ease, we definitely have to be sharp enough to want to win this game," sporting director Michael Zorc warned: "We know that it will most, probably not be as easy as in the second half against Augsburg. "

For the first time this season, BVB can rely on goalkeeper Roman Bürki. "This break was long and annoying," said the Swiss international after a cured crack on the tibia of the "kicker": "I do not want that anymore." Bürki is burning for debut. Exactly this attitude will need the BVB on Friday too.

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