News : Camilo Santiago is unleashed in a historic Valencia Marathon

News :

Camilo Santiago is unleashed in a historic Valencia Marathon

Camilo Santiago has left in Valencia / LaLigaSports

The Ethiopian Kinde Atanaw Alayew he was the best in the 39th edition of the Valencia Alfonso Alfonso-EDP Foundation Marathon, male category, after finishing 2h03: 51 hours, a new test record, which was at 2h04: 31, while in the women's the victory went to his countryman Roza Right, with 2h18: 30 hours.

In addition, the Turk Mike Kigen Ozbile, who finished second, broke Europe's distance record with a time of 2:04:16. The third place was the Ethiopian Guye Adola (2h04: 42). In the female category, Dereje won a tight final to his countryman Azmera Abreha (2h18: 33), with whom he maintained an intense pulse in the last two kilometers. The podium was completed by the Ethiopian also Birhane Dibaba, with 2h18: 46.

Four minimum

The Spanish marathon race was exceptional. All the athletes who went out in search of the Olympic minimum faced the test together, in a group that held much of the test, and then began their own selection depending on the strengths of each. Camilo Santiago He was the best of them all, with 2:10:02, which will probably be his debut in a Games. He spent the half marathon at 1:04:53.

Houssame Benabbou finished in 2h: 10: 45 while Ayad LamdassemHe did it in 2h: 10: 52, and Iraitz Arrospide (2h: 10: 59) also lowered the minimum required to be in the Games, while Chiki Pérez and Jauma Leiva did not succeed. The minimum was in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

This great edition of the Valencia Marathon was completed with the Ugandan Joshua Cheptegeiwho met the expectations and broke the 10K world record, with a time of 26:38 minutes, test disputed in parallel.

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