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Can intensive training damage the health of teeth?

We already know that physical exercise brings countless health benefits. However, intensive training is not free of dangers that must be known to practice it consciously and minimize them. One of them is that high intensity sport could damage the health of the teeth.

This is what our colleagues say, one of the European reference platforms specialized in dental health. They are based on the study that the 'Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports' published in 2014. In it, the researchers analyzed different parameters of 35 triathletes and compared them with the results obtained from 35 people who did not submit their bodies to sports sessions of intensity

Pros and cons of training for teeth health

The conclusions showed that High intensity sport could increase tooth erosion. They also found a correlation between training hours per week and an increased risk of caries. The reason? Saliva Those responsible for the study found a reduction in the level of salivation when doing sports and an increase in the PH of it, a combination that is the perfect breeding ground for the proliferation of this type of dental problems.

But not everything is going to be bad news regarding the combination of sports and oral health. There are other studies that state that physical exercise is good for the gums. In fact, a study prepared by the ‘Journal of Periodontology’ states that physical exercise reduces the risk of periodontitis by 16%, which is the prelude to the loss of dental pieces.

Tips to maintain proper dental health while training:

  1. Hydrate with water, not with isotonic drinks. These types of drinks raise electrolyte levels, which help you hydrate and give you enough energy. However, they also contain a high concentration of acids and sugar, elements that can damage your teeth. An alternative is to hydrate with water and put a pinch of salt and lemon. In this way you increase the electrolytes. Another option is to hydrate with coconut water.
  2. Breathe more through your nose while training. In this way, you prevent your mouth from drying out so much, and such a drastic reduction in saliva. In addition, nasal inhalation and exhalation protects the airways by moisturizing them and cleaning the air that enters the lungs. There are some nasal breathing techniques such as the Buyteko method that can do well.
  3. If you practice contact or extreme sports, get used to always wear a mouth guard. Same as listening to music with some sports headphones It can make your performance better, the mouth guard will save you a lot of money in visits to the dentist and will make you go safer.
  4. Maintain proper oral hygiene every day. The basis of everything is to brush your teeth after each meal.

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