News : Can Kilian Jornet go down 2 hours 10 minutes in marathon?

News : Can Kilian Jornet go down 2 hours 10 minutes in marathon?

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The elite Spanish coaches in the distance do not discount that possibility. “We are talking about top quality raw material”.

After having run a 10,000 at 3’00 ″ / km.

Having come in front of Jakob Ingebristen in his first big race on tarmac.

After these data he asked meor if a phenomenon like Kilian Jornet (1987) I would be able to go down 2h10m in a marathon, if this is not like asking for money to rain from heaven.

Actually, it’s not that I ask myself, it’s that I ask elite marathon coaches like, for example, Enrique Pascual, the man who made Abel Antón world champion at this distance at the age of 36.

“If you talk to me in 2 hours 10 minutes I think it is accessible. Another thing is to pass that barrier. Those are big words. But 2h10 or 2h11 is not the same ”, he clarifies.

Coach José Carlos Tuñas, from La Coruña, believes that “above all, we lack data. We only have one performance from him: the one he did the other day. Therefore, we still do not have reliable data to answer that question in a distance such as the marathon ”.

A question that, in any case, does not scare Antonio Serrano who in his first marathon, at age 29, remembers that he was the first Spaniard to break down the 2 hours 10 minutes barrier in Berlin.

If he does a specific marathon preparation I think Kilian could do it. At least, the data we have on it at a physiological or maximum oxygen consumption level indicate that we are dealing with top quality raw material ”.

Kilian Jornet is an athlete who will turn 33 on October 27. A man who has competed in the most difficult places in the world, in the Himalayas, on Kilimanjaro or in Lake Tahoe and who has never stopped reinventing himself.

“No one can doubt his capacity for suffering. It is clear that it is long-suffering and resistant“, Explains José Luis Mareca, who not only trains marathoners. He was also a marathoner of 2 hours 20 minutes, a very good long distance runner who now puts himself in the shoes of Kilian Jornet.

“Of course you can make the most of your qualities in the marathon but to go down from 2 hours 10 implies that you have to go 31’00 “every 10 kilometers and it is difficult. That is the first question I ask myself. It is true that it has the stamina, but what about the rhythm? Can you acquire that rhythm? “

“From the outset I see it as not very feasible,” adds José Carlos Tuñas, who in his time as an athlete did 30’59 “in 10,000 at the Vallehermoso track. “What’s more, seeing the mark that Kilian has made in his first 10,000, I don’t think it will give him to reach 2 hours 10 minutes. But it is not that significant either. At the end, a single brand is never significant. Who knows what can happen? “

Enrique Pascual justifies that “all this is a matter of quality and I train. Here’s how it sums up. It’s the same as if you ask me, ‘Do you think Abadía can go down from 2 hours to 10 minutes?’ And I would then answer you, even without knowing him, ‘Well, look, yes, because it has quality’. Well, the same thing happens with Kilian. Another thing is that right now it may lack rhythm. Yes, we do agree there, but…. ”.

“But that’s when training intervenes,” justifies Serrano. “If Kilian has done great things on the mountain, why shouldn’t he do them on the asphalt? What can this man do with specific preparation for the marathon? Who knows? I refuse to think that the question of whether it can be less than 2 hours 10 minutes is impossible ”.

Pascual also believes that he reaches 42 km in good age. “His age, 32, is perfect for a test like the marathon. What’s more, that is the age at which people should start at this distance once other stages have burned out. But not before. Never before. At least, that is what the experience conveys to me, because the marathon has no turning back ”.

Tuñas appeals to time. “Of course, for me, the mark he made the other day in 10 km is a great mark. But I insist that data is scarce right now to reach conclusions. We do not have enough data regarding competitions and not even to plan rhythms ”.

“I do not doubt that he can be a good marathoner, but if he did around 2 hours 15 minutes, he would already be,” adds José Luis Mareca from Zaragoza. “When we talk about 2:10 we do it with very demanding rhythms in the marathon. Of course, he would need to be faster than he has shown in this first competition. But, of course, all that time will tell us ”.

Hence, we put ourselves in the hands of time without fear of dreaming or going wrong season.

His biography is law.

Kilian Jornet’s biography has traveled the world, has reduced distances with infinity and in everything we have read about him he has shown us what he wrote in his first book: ‘Run or die’.

“Kiss the glory or die trying.”

And then he added:

Losing is dying. Winning is feeling ”.

So I understand that this question that I woke up with today has all the cause in the world.

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