News : Can you dream of beating the Spanish Record of Julio Rey in Valencia?

News : Can you dream of beating the Spanish Record of Julio Rey in Valencia?

Ben Daoud, in a picture of the Prague marathon

It may seem crazy considering that those two hours, six minutes and 52 seconds have been a practically insurmountable slab since Julio Rey established that brand in Barcelona in 2006. Almost 15 years have passed since then and the best Spanish marathoners have hardly been able to come close. But we are talking about bigger words. Those who have ‘disturbed’ the record of the athlete from Toledo have been Hamid Ben Daoud, who a few months ago in the Seville Marathon achieved an incredible 2:07:33, and Javi Guerra, who entered six seconds before the athlete of Moroccan origin (2:07:27), third best Spanish brand of all time.

War, in a half marathon

Guerra is registered in Valencia on December 6 in the half marathon, where he has a better time of 1:02:22, so he will not be able to opt to improve that record in the distance of Filípides. Who will certainly try it is Ben Daoud, about whom Juan Botella, manager of the SD Correcaminos, organizer of the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, tells us.

“We should not be surprised if the female and male records of Spain were broken. There has never been so much national talent in a single marathon on Spanish soil. Hamid Ben Daoud is the best credited athlete with 2:07:33 and we know that he is in good shape and he is very aggressive and passes the first half very quickly. The day that comes out, it could be perfectly 2:05 ”, says Botella. Beyond Ben Daoud we will also have other top-level Spanish marathoners such as Dani Mateo (2:10:53 in Rotterdam personal brand), Camilo Santiago (2:10:02 in Valencia), Ayad Lamdassem (2:09:28 in London and coming off his best half-marathon time at 39) or Ivan Fernandez (2:09:55 in Valencia).

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