News : Canadian runs 42 marathons in 42 weeks for his 42nd birthday

News : Canadian runs 42 marathons in 42 weeks for his 42nd birthday

Abarquez embarks every Sunday with his appointment with the 42 kilometers / Instagram

In times of pandemic we have become accustomed to seeing impossible challenges, major challenges of all kinds. Marathons on a twenty-foot balcony, breaking 24-hour records, etc. The latest of the latest comes to us from Canada and is about an amateur runner who set out to do quite a feat for his 42nd birthday. Nothing more and nothing less than running 42 marathons in 42 weeks. Absolute madness considering that it is ‘recommended’ to run a maximum of 2-3 a year and allow a reasonable time to pass between one and the other so that the body can recover and the muscles regenerate. Well, Bernard Abarquez, of Toronto, has gone further and has curled the curl.

From Muay Thai to running

Very integrated into the runner community of the Canadian city, Bernard had already completed several marathons, half and even a 100-mile race throughout his sporting career. Abarquez, what focused first on his career in Muay ThaiHe decided to devote all his energies when he decided to withdraw from martial arts. It was in 2010 when he started running in a more specific way and some time ago he decided to embark on this ‘Project 42’.

Bernard started with the challenge in February of this year and, so far, has run nine marathons of the 42 planned. “As it progresses, I am recovering faster for sure,” he says to fellow ‘Canadian Running’. “I’ve been feeling good and have been able to average 3:30 a week.” In addition, the Canadian also does some workouts during the week beyond the relevant weekly marathon. Every Sunday Abarquez does not miss his appointment with the 42 kilometers and he is looking forward to easing the pandemic so that other runners can join him and accompany him during his ‘long runs’. Crack.

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