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Candidate Fritz Keller: With the public transport to DFB - Sport

Whether that is already a sign of a small cultural change? Shortly after half past one, the future strong German footballer Fritz Keller arrived at the venue of the German Football League (DFL) at his weekly luxury hotel hopping in Berlin - and saw himself surrounded by photographers. Whether he could not put down the backpack he was wearing over his left shoulder, the picture reporters asked him. Then the photos would look better. "No, why?", Replied Keller, 62, the former president of the Bundesliga SC Freiburg. "He's one of them."

Since Wednesday, the winemaker from Baden finally knows: There is no reasonable doubt that he will be elected on 27 September, almost six months after the resignation of Reinhard Grindel, the DFB Bundestag as the new chairman. Keller was elected by the representatives of the 36 professional clubs of the first and second league on the one hand, and by the Conference of Regional and State Association Presidents of the DFB, on the other hand, the joint presidential candidate.

"This task was not in my life planning, because I am actually very happy and was with what I have achieved with my colleagues in Freiburg and in my family business," said Keller on Wednesday at his first public appearance as a candidate. The fact that the task was brought to him, was "at first a little shock" had been. "If everyone believes that I can improve something, then I'll do it," was his answer.

Keller was nominated last Thursday by the DFB search committee. The recruiting process also involved a recruitment agency. DFB Vice-Rainer Koch said Keller was "by far the most suitable candidate by name on a shortlist". How many more candidates were eligible, Koch kept to himself. Keller was the only contact person. Keller knows the structures, is respected on all sides, has entrepreneurial knowledge and sports reference. Criticism of the procedure, said Koch back: "There was no fuss."

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Keller stays behind with programmatic statements

The involvement of a recruitment agency on the other hand, which had also led to irritation, DFL boss Christian Seifert considered necessary. The DFB is not only a federation, but also a commercial enterprise, which converts 400 million euro. And the occupation of the DFB top was with all the advantages, which would have had the last three DFB presidents (Theo Zwanziger, Wolfgang Niersbach, Reinhard Grindel), in the past years "not very successful". Now a candidate has been found in a highly professional way. "This was not Instagram or Twitter voting."

With programmatic statements Keller stayed on Wednesday still largely back. However, he announced that he wanted to count on a larger number of women in the DFB committees. He himself does not aspire to the - heavily endowed - committees of the European Union Uefa and the World Federation Fifa, this task would take over Rainer Koch. For Keller this is also a question of time. He still wants to be able to "drink a spritzer or a beer" in the squares. "The presidential office will be a full-time job," Keller said.

When asked how he wanted to counteract the often lamented encapsulation of the national team, Keller said that he wanted concrete ideas to precede an analysis. He also did not conclude on the upcoming structural changes. "We're going to set up a committee relatively quickly to suggest how we're going to develop this structure, and we've decided to stay in the business for so long." Nevertheless, he will continue to live in Freiburg. There is a good ICE connection to the Frankfurt airport, where he could change to the S-Bahn line 9, from the stadium in Frankfurt it would then only five minutes walk to the DFB headquarters. A DFB president in the public transport - it seems to change something in the largest single sports association in the world.

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