News : Carlos Mayo, to Valencia for the best Spanish debut in a half marathon

News : Carlos Mayo, to Valencia for the best Spanish debut in a half marathon

May may have a dream debut in Valencia / Twitter

The wait for the Valencia Marathon and the Media is making us eternal. It seems that time has stopped and that the days do not fall until that December 6 in which so many hopes and so many eyes from around the world of athletics and sports will be prostrate on the top-level athletes who will compete in the city of Turia. At the national level, especially notable will be the debuts of Toni Abadía (in the marathon) and Carlos Mayo, who at 25 will make his debut in the half marathon.

May has long been showing us its tremendous potential. His own coach, Pepe Mareca, told us in the Corridor Stock Exchange those duels with his partner Toni that promise to mark an era (there have already been several spectacular ones, such as the Cros by Territorial Federations in Zaragoza or the Gimnástica Ulia in San Sebastian).

To make history

May has a best mark in 10k of 28:15 precisely in the Ulia Gymnastic in San Sebastián (and that is not the most conducive race for it). About that premiere in the distance Camilo Santiago speaks to us, partner of both under Mareca’s orders and with those who are preparing in Bronchales also to run in Valencia, where the Riojan seeks to beat his personal record (precisely from Valencia in 2019).

“Carlos is going to make his debut in the media and I think It will be a premiere that we will have to be very, very aware of. Toni and I are watching him train every day, he is very, very strong. I think I could easily debut with the best brand of all time and take away from Toni that best debut of a Spaniard of 1h15 ′, it is very feasible ”, Santiago assures us.

Almost the same preparation

Mayo has been taking practically the same preparation as his two colleagues despite the fact that he will compete in the average: “He trains almost the same as us, volume of series and quality he does exactly the same, only that the long run shrinks it a bit and instead of doing 30 it makes 26 maybe and it doubles one day less. But he’s doing 180-190 kilometer weeks, almost like us. Pepe has the same plan for all three ”.

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