News : Case Christoph Metzelder News Ticker: After child pornography reproach: Metzelder leaves his endowment offices rest

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Case Christoph Metzelder News Ticker: After child pornography reproach: Metzelder leaves his endowment offices rest

Against the former German football international and vice world champion Christoph Metzelder (38) is being investigated on suspicion of child pornography being spread. This was confirmed by the prosecutor Hamburg on Wednesday. The "Bild" newspaper had previously reported.

Ex-national player Christoph Metzelder is suspected of spreading child pornography

Investigators had enforced on Tuesday in Duesseldorf two search warrants of the district court Hamburg, reported the Hamburg prosecutor Liddy Oechtering. The evidence - data carrier - had been taken and would now have to be evaluated. Metzelder lives in Dusseldorf.

Compared to the investigators Metzelder has not yet commented on the allegations, reported prosecutor Oechtering. But he was given the opportunity - "legal hearing", as it is called in official German. Metzelder had behaved cooperatively and was not arrested, it was said.

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  • Ex-national player under child pornography suspicion
  • police examines Metzelder's data carrier
  • Football star is silent about the allegations
  • ARD is resting cooperation with Metzelder

+++ 08.09.2019: Metzelder also leaves foundation offices to rest +++

Ex-football international Christoph Metzelder also leaves his offices at the named after him foundation. This was announced by the Foundation Board. This applies to the clarification of the allegations against the 38-year-olds. The Foundation's website had already been shut down a few days ago with the mention of maintenance work. The foundation of the ex-footballer is committed to children and adolescents.

+++ 07.09.2019: Theologian leaves the board of trustees of the Metzelder Foundation +++

In reaction to the allegations against ex-national soccer player Christoph Metzelder, a professor of theology has left the board of trustees of the ex-footballer's foundation. He does so firstly because of the seriousness of the allegations "and secondly because of the incomprehensible silence of both Christoph Metzelder and the Foundation, which in turn is as incomprehensible as it is inappropriate considering the gravity of the accusation," said Peter Schallenberg of the German Press Agency on friday with. Previously Radio Hochstift had reported on the step of the Paderborn theologian.

Schallenberg emphasized: "This resignation from the board of trustees in the constitutional state is, of course, without prejudice to the presumption of innocence until proof of guilt." The foundation of the ex-footballer is committed to children and adolescents.

Against the former German football international and Vice World Champion Metzelder (38) is being investigated on suspicion of the spread of child pornography. The investigation continued, said the prosecutor Hamburg on Friday on request. Metzelder and his Dusseldorf lawyer Ruediger Deckers initially did not comment on the allegations on Friday.

+++ 06.09.2019: "Bild" newspaper informed police about child pornography suspicion +++

Metzelder and his Dusseldorf lawyer Ruediger Deckers initially commented on the allegations on Thursday still not. The Hamburg police confirmed on Thursday that it was the "Bild" newspaper that informed them of suspicions against the 2002 vice-world champion. As a result, the police had started an investigation and came into contact with the witness, who allegedly received child pornography material from Metzel via the WhatsApp communications platform. In what relationship she stands with him, the authority did not communicate.

+++ 05.09.2019: National coach Löw: Can not and would not comment on Metzelder +++

Football national coach Joachim Loew will not comment on the investigation of former international Christoph Metzelder. "Since I do not know the whole situation first-hand, that's why I can and I would absolutely not comment," said Loew on Thursday at a press conference for the European Championship qualifier against the Netherlands in Hamburg (Friday 20.45 / RTL ).

+++ 05.09.2019: Christoph Metzelder leaves his own PR agency +++

Ex-international Christoph Metzelder (38) leaves the co-founded by him PR agency. This decision was made together, said his business partner Raphael Brinkert on Thursday on dpa request. A joint continuation of the agency "BrinkertMetzelder" is not possible at the present time, said Brinkert.

The allegations and investigations would have surprised him as well as the public. Der Spiegel had reported first. The Hamburg prosecutor's office had announced on Wednesday that she is investigating Metzelder on suspicion of spreading child pornography.

Back on Monday, the social campaign agency announced that it plans to expand its business to sports marketing.

+++ 04.09.2019: ARD lets cooperation with Metzelder rest +++

The ARD, for the Metzelder is always used as an expert, responded quickly: "pending the clarification of the allegations, we will let the cooperation with Christoph Metzelder rest," said ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky. A spokesman for the health insurance company Viactiv in Bochum said that Metzelder will not attend the Youth Football Tournament in Bad Driburg as planned next October. Make an effort for replacement.

"For us, the presumption of innocence is one of the central principles of the rule of law," said the association Preußen Münster, in whose board Metzelder sits. "We have great faith in the mechanisms of this constitutional state and in the competent authorities."

+++ 05.09.2019: DFB: Course participation of Metzelder "rests amicably" +++

The former football international Christoph Metzelder will initially not participate in the ongoing coaching course because of the investigation against him. This explained the German Football Association (DFB) on Thursday on dpa request. "The participation of Christoph Metzelder in the current football teacher training course rests amicably until the clarification of the charges against him," it says in the statement.

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