News : Caster Semenya 'crushes' Cristiano Ronaldo's abdominal record

News :

Caster Semenya 'crushes' Cristiano Ronaldo's abdominal record

Semenya dueled Cristiano Ronaldo

Caster Semenya proved to be in top form and literally 'crushed' the challenge Cristiano Ronaldo has started on how many abs you can do in 45 seconds of clock. The South African reached 176 (a complete outrage) and, in this way, even surpassed the own drive of the ‘Core Rusher Challenge’, a Portuguese soccer player who had stayed at 142.

The South African, two-time Olympic champion and three 800 world champions and one of those affected by the IAAF regulations on testosterone levels in athletes, has led 30 unbeaten 800-meter races (she has not lost at this distance since 2015).

"I am very disappointed because I am prevented from defending a hard-won title"But this is not going to stop me from continuing my fight for the human rights of all the female athletes affected," said Caster after the ruling that confirmed that he would not be able to participate in the Doha Games and reissue his gold medal.

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