News : Champions League Reform: Fan representatives call for reform to stop in an open letter

News : Champions League Reform: Fan representatives call for reform to stop in an open letter

Fan representatives from top European clubs such as FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and top international clubs have spoken out against the reform plans of the club association ECA for the Champions League. These would represent “a serious threat to all football,” according to the open letter to ECA boss Andrea Agnelli published by Football Supporters Europe. “The gap between the richest clubs and the rest of the football world” would be widened by the plans, “the national framework calendar would be destroyed and the fans would be burdened with additional financial and time burdens.”

The letter is signed by, among others, Club No. 12 of FC Bayern and the fan department of BVB as well as fan representatives from international clubs such as Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United. The supporters call on the clubs that are members of the ECA to abandon what they see as »ruthless reform plans. We also appeal to the national and international associations not to make any further concessions to the top clubs and instead to protect the future of football. “

The executive of the European Football Union Uefa with the DFB representative Rainer Koch wants to decide on the proposed reform of the European Cup on Monday. Among other things, it is about the format in which the Champions League will be played from 2024.

It is certain that 36 instead of the previous 32 teams will take part. In the future, the game will no longer be played in eight preliminary round groups, but in a league in which not everyone competes against everyone. The number of games per season would increase significantly, from 125 games to 225. This would increase Uefa revenues significantly – and with them the sums that the participating clubs received. In addition, it will apparently be a kind of rescue package for up to two top clubs that miss out on qualifying for the competition in their leagues.

For the national leagues, fans fear that this would lead to an even greater division between the clubs represented in the Champions League and the other teams.

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