News : Champions League: “When I think about it, I start crying” – sport

News : Champions League: “When I think about it, I start crying” – sport

Thomas Tuchel (Coach FC Chelsea, at Sky): “I’m walking through a movie. My kids are here, my wife, my parents. My grandma is watching at home and is over 90! For all of them, this is now. When I think about it, I start crying. It was.” We also needed luck to get zero. Still: We felt it yesterday, we felt it the day before yesterday. We said all along: We are the stone in the shoe of Manchester City. “

Antonio Rüdiger (Chelsea FC, on Sky): “I don’t know what to say. I never thought I would get this far. I don’t have a voice anymore. We suffered, we were ready to suffer. We had this one chance and we took it. Me was on the ground, but I showed that you shouldn’t underestimate people who are on the ground. Thanks to the coach. “

Timo Werner (Chelsea FC, on Sky): “Outstanding. That’s why we came here, that’s why we were bought to experience these moments. In the second half, it was just willful to win the thing. We just wanted it. We were beaten in the league. But we stuck together . We have so much potential with young players. “

Kai Havertz (Chelsea FC, on Sky): “I remember a childhood dream. My family is in the stadium, my grandmother is watching at home. An unbelievable feeling. Now I’m doing it 1-0, I don’t even know what to say. I’m lucky that he Ball slips through the goalkeeper below. “

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