News : Changing vehicle ownership has never been so easy

News : Changing vehicle ownership has never been so easy

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Tranferencia24 is a Spanish StartUp that has digitized all the procedures that must be carried out when buying and selling vehicles, saving time and money for individuals and professionals. In this way, all interested parties can carry out these procedures for changing ownership of a car or motorcycle completely online, without waiting, queues or travel

It had to be a Spanish startup The one in charge of making life easier for those who are in need of making a change of ownership of a vehicle, either by sale or purchase. Is young company, Transfer24, linked to the vehicle world, offers online the possibility of carrying out all vehicle procedures in this regard, thus saving a good amount of time and money, both for individuals and professionals. The demand for this service is growing a lot due to the simplicity that it offers in its processing, since it can be carried out at any time and from anywhere, all you need is a device with an internet connection.

How to change the ownership of a vehicle online

Carrying out the change of ownership of a vehicle involves a series of steps to make it effective and have legal validity. A sale purchase contract, perform the transfer of change of ownership in traffic Y pay the fees and tax on transfers from the Treasury.

Now it is possible to make the transfer by car or motorcycle, without waiting, and no need to request an appointment. From Transfer24, you can change the name of any vehicle, car or motorcycle, 100% online, from your computer, mobile, tablet …, with total comfort and from any location.

In this way, both individuals and professionals should only be in charge of the sale and purchase of the vehicle and on the platform of Transfer24 do all the paperwork: vehicle sales contract, car transfer in Traffic – DGT and payment of the fees and Transmission Tax in the Treasury.

What differentiates Transfer24 from the competition?

Although there are other platforms where this type of transfer of a vehicle, there are several factors that differentiate this Spanish startup from the competition and add value to it.

First of all, some of those sites are simply web forms. However, the Transfer procedures24 are 100% digital. The documents are uploaded easily with photos taken with the mobile and the digital signature is carried out through SMS (checked with a virtual notary). It is therefore not necessary to send original documents.

In the case of other competitors, on the other hand, the files are uploaded, but they arrive at an email box. The The Transferencia24 platform is directly connected through agencies to the DGT management associations.

In relation to these agencies, it is another great difference with the competition, because while this Spanish startup is a network of agencies spread throughout Spain, in the case of a collaborative platform, other companies are agencies that intend to monopolize the markup. In this sense, this portal is not only interesting for consumers or professionals who sell cars or motorcycles, but agencies can get in touch to collaborate with this nationally recognized platform.

Last but not least, it is worth highlighting the fact that carrying out the procedures 100% online avoids travel and the physical collection of documents, therefore actively collaborates to reduce both CO2 emissions and paper consumption, improving the ecological footprint.

All readers of this article who want to make a change of ownership of a vehicle can access through this Transfer Coupon24 directly to the page where the procedure begins with a discount applied.

What is needed to transfer a vehicle?

In order to change the ownership of a vehicle, the sale purchase contract, which can be done directly on the Transferencia24 platform, with the generic clauses that appear, in addition, the option to contribute some more is offered.

In relation to the documents, you must provide the buyer’s ID and the seller’s ID, the vehicle data sheet and registration certificate. Of all these documents, just take a photo from the front and back and upload them through the links found on the web, providing speed and simplicity to the procedures.

Although it is an extremely easy procedure and it will take just a few minutes, in case you have any kind of doubt, the support team that this platform has will resolve any question through any of the different customer service channels they have. Among them, WhatsApp will be used frequently to contact a manager through this app and even carry out the procedure and by phone, to receive telephone assistance if necessary or by email at the request of the user

Thanks to Transfer24, changing the ownership of a vehicle has never been so easy.

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