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Cheap Running Shoes | The great bargains of 2020

Buy running shoes for less than € 100? Find cheap running shoes, € 50, € 60 or € 70? Is this possible?

One begins to realize what this going for a run is like when one discovers that the “tennis shoes” that he has used all his life for a multitude of activities are not the most suitable for running on foot. The most common thing for someone who starts is to go out with what they already have. There is nothing simpler and more humane than that. Now, after a few races, he usually reaches two conclusions: The first that this running (intense and high-impact physical activity) leaves, apart from being tired, the body a little punished. The second is that, in comparison with other runners, the shoes he uses do not seem to be the most suitable.

The next step is find the right shoes. This is something that can give you a headache, especially due to the huge amount of technologies, designs and materials ... but nothing compared to the price associated with all of them.

On the one hand, there are Running shoes with prices that many think are only for experienced runners (expensive) or for beginners (cheap). This is a mistake, because the fact that a shoe has one price or another may be due to several factors, but it does not necessarily have to be directly related to the level of the runner, much less the quality and utility of the shoe. It is true that a runner who performs workouts above 100k per week has to spin very fine with what he wears, but also that right next door he may have another runner of 18k or 20k per week with the same concerns.

In this case, the most important thing for us is that the running shoes have a high price volatility which is often determined by excess stock after a few months, in these cases the price is much lower than usual. We are talking about price changes of more than € 70. Although the brands introduce "spectacular" improvements to their models, it does not mean that those kilometers cannot wait a few months without testing them ... And the brands know it. Not everything has to be the latest "technology" or the most chic to go running, especially if the updates are constant and are limited to a mere change of name, numbering or color of the shoe.

We are going to give court, then, to those running shoe models, more affordable, some simpler and others of the most advanced technical range with surprising offers.

Recommendations of the house



Mizuno Wave Rider 22 is a classic model already in the Japanese brand in this segment, where it enjoys great acceptance. It does so thanks to maintaining the philosophy of other previous versions. In fact, in this installment the newest is found in the upper, since the midsole retains the U4iCX compound that provides soft and light cushioning, supported by the Wave piece of Pébax inserted in the rear area, up to the midfoot.

In the upper, an engineered mesh is constructed using Dynamotion Fit technology for a fit at every step of the tread. In the sole we find X10, the most resistant rubber of the Japanese brand.

All in all, the weight reaches 295gr in men and 250gr in women. The midsole drop is 12mm.

Mizuno Wave Rider 22 Jr, Adult Running Shoes, Turquoise (Bluejay / Silver / Nasturtium 03), 35 EU


New Balance 880v9 belongs to the group of daily training shoes and is aimed at runners and runners with a neutral footprint or insole who are looking for soft and reliable cushioning. Stability is also a concept that gives it added value. Be careful, stability without being a shoe designed for those who prone too much. For this New Balance can offer you the equivalent of this 880, but for overpronating footing: 860.

They can be used with full guarantee by those who reach a medium or medium-high weight (up to around 75kg in them and 65kg in them). Above those weights, I would lean towards looking at models like New Balance Fresh Foam 1080, which I think can fit them better.

Since it is weights, this New Balance 880v9 stays at just 306gr in the men's finish and 260gr in the women's one. The midsole is not very high and stays in a ratio of 22-12 for a drop of 10mm.

Shoe to take into account if it is going to be used mainly for training and occasionally to compete, especially if all this is done on urban or hard surfaces such as asphalt.

The official price of the New Balance 880v9 was € 140.

New Balance 880v9 Running Shoes - AW19-45.5


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is the longest-lasting of the models indicated here and it is not for less since this training shoe has been showing its great performance for more than three decades. In this latest installment, his exterior image changes a lot with respect to all of the above, since his figure is more elongated, especially due to that pointed projection on his heel.

The midsole is built with the Lunarlon material, present in the high-end models of Nike in recent years and responsible for that soft and progressive but agile cushioning that makes this Pegasus very versatile. Inside it hides a Zoom Air type air chamber throughout the sole of the foot. The sole is made of solid rubber and is traced in a longitudinal line that will help guide the tread. The upper incorporates a one-piece mesh with large openings for better ventilation.

The weight of this Pegasus 35 is 280gr in the men's finish and 232gr in the women's one. The drop, in both cases is 10mm.

The official price of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 was € 120. 💥 Up to 50% discount on NIKE products (Vomero 14 and Pegasus for € 70 👉

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 (GS), Men's Sneakers, Multicolor (Blue Force / White / Black / Wolf Gray 402), 39 EU


Brooks Glycerin 16 is a shoe of neutral tread training whose main characteristic is its great amount of cushioning, its fit and its durability. In the midsole we find SuperDNA, which is the combination, in a single compound, of material 20% more cushioned than Brooks' most advanced until its appearance and which stands out for giving a greater response as the pace increases and having a great durability. 10mm is the drop that your midsole delivers. The weight is 301gr in men and 266gr in women.

Valid for runners of any weight and especially efficient in people of great weight, it will be a great ally in the longest runs at rates of 4'30 / km or slower. It has an exceptional grip on any surface and will be very useful on asphalt thanks to its soft touch. We can make it a daily practice of running without problems.

The official price for Brooks Glycerin 16 was € 179.

Brooks Glycerin 16, Women's Running Shoes, Multicolor (Black / Pink / Gray 070), 38 EU


ASICS Gel Cumulus 20 is the renewed version of a great classic from the Japanese brand. This is also a daily training shoe for neutral tread but versatile in terms of who can use it, as it works well for any type of weight, and with the will to work especially with filming and accumulating kilometers. Its midsole debuts for the first time the FlyteFoam compound that is giving such good results to those of Kobe. Inside, it maintains the ASICS characteristic GEL® capsule and below, on the sole, two materials (AHAR and DuraSponge) combine to give very good durability and adherence. The upper cut is characterized by having sought a light and breathable mesh with a design focused above all on comfort.

Cumulus 20 can be used in training but also in competitions, especially the longer they are, thanks to its combination of comfort and durability. The weight is 258gr in the men's finish and 236gr in the women's one. There is a Gore-Tex version to better protect yourself from inclement weather (€ 10, approximately, more expensive). In that case the weight is 348gr for them and 279gr for them (this is due to the greater protection of the upper). The drop in both cases and sexes is 10mm, although the men's midsole is 1mm higher than the women's.

The official price of ASICS Gel Cumulus was € 120.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 20 1011a008-001, Men's Training Shoes, Black (Black 1011a008 / 001), 42 EU
Price: € 86.00


New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 belongs to an already classic saga of sneakers with one of the best cushions on the market. A guarantee in its eight previous installments, it incorporates many improvements here, starting with an additional 2mm of thickness in the midsole but that, with the new Fresh Foam, that greater cushioning is lighter. Despite this, it is not visually noticeable because the height of the sides is the same.

Above, a booty-like structure is made with a double engineered mesh and Jacquard Mesh. On the heel, the new 3D Ultraheel is responsible for a good fit and comfort. On the sole, the Blown Rubber material, with pressure-mapped zones, gives it great grip with extra softness on impact. Its weight drops to 294gr in men and 254gr in women.

The official price of this New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v9, "top" in cushioning was € 170.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9, Women's Running Shoes, Black (Black / White), 43.5 EU
Price: € 43.10

You save: € 4.52 (9%) (9%)


Adidas Solar Glide represents the commitment of the German brand as a new benchmark within the brand as a quality daily training shoe, since with its irruption it has "retired" Supernova who was so calm on her throne. Solar Glide's arguments are also based on a midsole built with the Boost compound, which has been demonstrating the success of the German brand for six years in its inclusion in high-end technical footwear.

But it doesn't stop there. Propulsion Rail has been inserted into this Boost, which is an encapsulation of the foot that allows it to be guided during the step. At the top, the upper is built in Engineered Mesh, a very light and breathable mesh. Behind the heel is well collected thanks to Fit Counter the piece in charge of stabilizing it. And at the bottom, the sole is made of very abrasion resistant Continental® brand rubber. It is also of the Stretchweb type whose peculiarity is that it is very flexible, which improves both the flexibility of the set and the soft sensation when impacting the ground.

The weight is only 306gr in the men's finish and 256gr in the women's. The drop, with heights of 32mm and 22mm, remains at 10mm.

The official price of Adidas Solar Glide was € 139.95.

adidas Solar Glide M, Men's Running Shoes, Gray (Gricin / Negbás / Roalre 0), 44 EU


Saucony Ride ISO is another training shoe that works well for certain races, especially the longer they are. This is largely thanks to the Everun material in the midsole. This softly damped compound is capable of returning up to 83% of the energy it absorbs in each impact when running, according to laboratory studies by the American company. PowerForm is another technology responsible for absorbing the impact by distributing the pressure throughout the plant.

The sole stands out above all for the design and materials. The design by the TriFlex, which collaborates with the midsole in the dispersion of the tread pressure, while arrow shapes help to obtain good traction. Adherence is carried out by the IBR + material, located in the metatarsal area, for better momentum. Durability is provided by XT-900, Saucony's most wear-resistant compound. In the upper ISOfit stands out as a sock structure support system for better movement. Breathability is guaranteed by a heat-reinforced, engineered mesh.

The height of the midsole is 27mm in the heel area, while it rises 19mm in the forefoot. This gives an 8mm drop. The weight is quite low, reaching up to 278gr in the masculine finish and 241gr in the feminine one.

Saucony Ride ISO 2, Men's Running Shoes, Green Green 37, 43 EU
Price: € 72.40


Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 is a daily training shoe for runners and neutral tread runners. Its main feature is the great cushioning it provides. This, in addition, is very soft.

Vomero 13 is a great ally for those looking for a shoe to travel kilometers without problems, either training or in competition, both, the longer it is. Very good for preparing long distances such as half marathons or marathons ... and more. In competition it can be carried without problems, especially if the rhythms are above 4’30 ”and slower. For more cheerful rhythms, perhaps consider combining it with other types of shoes.

Runners and runners of medium or heavy weight will be able to use it with all the guarantees. What's more, it is very valid for these types of profiles, to which we must add that normal and large volume feet will also be able to fit them, better than if they are very thin or thin feet.

The weight stays at 306gr in the men's finish, while that of the woman stays at 251gr. The drop of the midsole is 10mm in both cases.

The price that the Oregon brand gave to this Nike Air Zoom Vomero 13 was € 140. 💥 Up to 50% discount on NIKE products (Vomero and Pegasus for € 70 👉


Asics Gel Nimbus 21 is a benchmark when it comes to cushioning. If FlyteFoam was already included in the previous model, this one adds a layer on top of FlyteFoam Propel, which gives it a more durable and reactive cushioning. Keep using two GEL® capsules, one in the heel and one hidden in the metatarsal area. Two different compounds are also used in the sole depending on the area in question: AHAR + is highly resistant to abrasion, in the area of ​​greatest wear; and Blown Rubber is used in the forefoot, a material with better adhesion, especially on hard surfaces such as asphalt. The upper part is constructed with Jacquard Mesh, a mesh in charge of giving fit and breathability lightly.

As an important fact, the last has widened a little with respect to the previous finish, based on complaints from many @ runners who had noticed the progressive narrowing of this model in recent deliveries. External Heel Clutch is the piece that hugs the heel to stabilize it on impact with the ground.

The weight stays at 310gr in the men's finish and 250gr in the women's. The drop is different between men and women, being 10mm theirs and 13mm theirs.

The official price of ASICS Gel Nimbus 21 was € 180.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 21 1011a169-003 - Men's Training Shoes, Black, 43 1/2 EU

Price: € 108.00

You save: € 72.00 (40%) (40%)


Mizuno Wave Ultima 10 is one of the star models of the brand based in Osaka, Japan. It represents a model with great cushioning and with a vocation to support all types of runners and runners given its careful midsole. It combines U4iC and U4iCX material to obtain both cushioning and reactivity and in the most comfortable way possible. For this, it rests on a Pébax plate or what is the same: the Wave system, that corrugated plastic piece, so characteristic of Mizuno. Smoothride is the technology that is responsible for facilitating the transition of the footprint.

Underneath, an enlarged sole for this model uses X10 compound which is Mizuno's most durable solid rubber. Ahead, a Blown Rubber will allow greater adherence. Above, the mesh is of the Jacquard Mesh type. There are actually two: one more closed on the inside and one more open (AIRmesh) on the outside. Behind a buttress to which reflectors have been added, it is in charge of stabilizing the ankle

The weight remains 335gr in the men's shoe and 280gr in the women's. In both cases, the drop is 12mm, a classic in training shoes in comfortable shoes designed to accumulate kilometers without problems.

Mizuno Chausures Wave Ultima 11

Price: € 85.65

You save: € 54.35 (39%) (39%)



ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 is one of the stars of the Japanese brand. Its 25 years attest to this and this 2018 has been one more in which it stands out as one of the best. It does so thanks to the use of FlyteFoam, recently incorporated into the list of new ASICS technologies. It uses cellulose nanofibers to improve cushioning and durability. Inside, Dynamic Duomax is responsible for helping to control the footprint. To top it off, a GEL capsule also participates in a complete midsole. The sole uses AHAR + as an element of durability.

The weight is 336gr in the men's finish and 278gr in the women's. The midsole drop is 10mm in theirs and 13mm in theirs.

The official price of ASICS Gel Kayano 25 was € 180.

Asics Gel-Kayano 25, Men's Running Shoes, Gray (Mid Gray / Red Snapper 022), 42 EU
Price: € 119.00


Brooks Transcend 5 with stability control is a shoe prepared to devour kilometers and kilometers without having to worry about anything. With a weight of 306 grams and an 8mm drop, Brooks Transcend 5 presents itself as one of the best options on the market for heavy runners who need extra cushioning and stability while enjoying exceptional comfort.

Guide Rails is the technology that will balance the footprint, for those who need it, during the transition, while Super DNA is the compound that will take care of the cushioning and will be able to adapt to the footprint of any runner in depending on your weight, running pace or even your technique. Flextra, on the sole, will help improve your flexibility.

Training shoe with pronation control whose main characteristic is its great amount of cushioning and its soft touch. With a height of 24mm at the heel and 16mm at the metatarsal it gives an 8mm drop. Valid for runners of any weight, it will be a great ally in the longest runs at rates of 4.30 / km or slower. Very useful on asphalt thanks to its soft touch, we can make it a daily running practice without problems.

The official price for Brooks Transcend 5 was € 170.

Brooks Transcend 5, Women's Running Shoes, Multicolor (Black / Purple / Multi 023), 38.5 EU


New Balance carries a carousel of new models in recent seasons. One of them is this Fresh Foam Vongo 3, a comfortable and highly stable running shoe. The midsole has been revised, thanks to studies based on the information collected by Data Driven Design, of New Balance, on thousands of runners. This results in the characteristic design of the Fresh Foam cells, a soft and comfortable foam, to provide greater firmness or softness, or more cushioning or stability. In the case of these Vongo v3, the inner part of the midsole has more convex cells to better stabilize the tread. With 20mm height in the heel area and 16mm in the forefoot area, the resulting drop is 4mm.

The sole incorporates a Blown Rubber, for a design divided into two parts. The outer half is a more flexible rubber and focused on traction, while on the inner side it is stronger and more stable. The groove that divides both zones serves to guide the footprint. Above, a 3D Print mesh, with a hexagon design for support and an inner layer that breathes. In the heel, a non-visible reinforcement is responsible for stabilizing the ankle. The weight of New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo 3 is 303gr for men and 255gr for women.

The official price for the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3 was € 150.

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo, Women's Running Shoes, Red (Red Red), 37.5 EU
Price: € 52.58

You save: € 97.42 (65%) (65%)


Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 is a shoe with stability control for mild or moderate pronators, which stands out for its balance by combining cushioning and response. It is valid for training and / or competition in runners up to 80 kg thanks to its great versatility and leaving it only for competitions or quick training in heavier runners. It can perform well at a wide variety of running paces depending on our profile: from taxiings at 6 min / km to paces around 4.10 min / km.

The entire length of the sole uses a durable compound such as X10. In addition, transverse grooves facilitate flexibility. The midsole uses Mizuno's own material: U4iC over a Wave plate that cushions and stabilizes. Below this plate made of Pébax, the Japanese brand puts U4iCX, with better damping and energy return. Over the top, a breathable mesh and Dynamotion Fit technology are used to hold the foot well throughout the tread.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 14, Men's Shoes, Multicolor (O Blue / Syellow / Blue 001), 45 EU


Adidas Solar Glide ST is the stable version of the Solar Glide as it is intended for runners with excess pronation in the tread or long distance runs. To all the features of adidas Solar Glide must be added Energized Stability.

Solar Glide ST uses a Boost material with more capsules to obtain a higher density in the inner area of ​​the midfoot to stabilize the footprint. It also uses Propulsion Rail but modified to provide the same: stability. The drop is 10mm based on 32mm of the heel and 22mm of the forefoot).

The upper cut is characterized by using an Engeneered Mesh for stability, that is, with reinforcements to better contain those who pronate excessively, especially in the middle zone. Fitcounter in the heel to help when hitting the ground, when running.

The sole is also Stretchweb of the Continental brand and the Torsion System is modified to be more stable.

The weight of this stable daily training shoe is 318gr in the men's finish and 278gr in the women's one.

The official price of the adidas Solar Glide ST was € 139.95.

Adidas Solar Drive St M, Sneakers for Men, Black (Black 000), 43.5 EU

Price: € 71.97

You save: € 47.98 (40%) (40%)


New Balance 860v9 is a shoe with support (thanks to the Dual Density material and its strategic location) that will control over pronation to carry out all kinds of training, given its versatility. Well cushioned and with a drop of 10mm, its weight is 327gr in men and 272gr in women. It is not the lightest in the class, but it is prepared for war.

The renovated upper uses a double Jacquard mesh, so the technical renovation is also followed by aesthetics. The midsole uses TruFuse technology to provide progressive cushioning with moderate pronation control. Some of the changes to highlight from the previous version are found in the sole, where NB has put more rubber under the first metatarsal and shaped the longitudinal groove that guides the tread. In the forefoot, Blown Rubber material is used that favors the race on hard surfaces such as asphalt, while in the heel is inserted NDurance, one of the most resistant rubbers of the American brand.

The official price of the New Balance 860 v9 was € 140

New Balance 860v9 Running Shoe - AW18-44
Price: € 139.40


The American brand Saucony has Guide ISO 2, another good option for overpronating feet. Also currently this model uses Everun, a material with high damping properties but very, very soft. This Everun is combined with PWRfoam, the other compound of the midsole to, in the end, obtain comfortable cushioning but with great control of pronation. It is easy to see the upper density material on the inside of the ankle as it has a different color than the rest of the midsole. The drop is something high for what Saucony is getting us used to lately: 8mm (27mm high at the heel and 19mm at the forefoot).

FlexFilm is used in the upper, which is a very thin, light and resistant material that allows the foot to be held and ventilated and helps the low final weight of this Guide ISO 2: only 292gr in the men's finish and 255gr in the woman's. Outside of this mesh, an IsoFit structure (ISO that gives the shoe its name), makes foot support much more efficient.

Reflective elements are included on the heel, always so useful in low light conditions. On the sole, the TriFlex design will allow this part of the shoe to be more flexible, helping to make it easier to walk. XT-900 rubber will give that sole durability contribution.

Saucony Guide ISO 2 - Running Shoes for Men, Blue and Orange, 41

Price: € 60.75

You save: € 84.25 (58%) (58%)


Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 is a shoe with a long history in stability shoes and, like the Kayano, this 2018 continues to stay very high, among the best. It has been given a more agile profile and shares a silo with other shoes such as Pegasus, Zoom Fly or Vapor Fly 4%. And this time Nike has used two compounds in the midsole: Cushlon ST and Phylon. Come on, soft, durable and firm cushioning. In addition, in the front it hides a Zoom Air capsule. The sole combines Duralon material with recycled rubber. The latest in this installment, the upper uses Flymesh, a one-piece, seamless mesh that is lighter than in previous installments. Flywire is used to reinforce the support.

The drop keeps it at 10mm, but the weight has been reduced to 295gr in men and 255gr in women.

The official price of Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 was € 120. 💥 Up to 50% discount on NIKE products 👉


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is one of the best weapons that the American brand focuses on providing stable cushioning for overpronators. It shares space with two other great stability control training models within the brand itself, such as Brooks Transcend and Brooks Vapor. Adrenaline GTS 19 is a daily training shoe that uses an integral support system with Guide Rails, guides that allow you to advance in the footprint by controlling excess pronation.

As innovations, it incorporates precisely New Guide Rails Hollistic Support System and DNA LOFT Crash Pad. The first technical resource consists of a biomechanical solution for the midsole that aims to stabilize the inside and limit excess movement on the outside. The second is more focused on providing a better entrance by reducing the effects of that first impact on the ground while running and, incidentally, making it more comfortable. For the rest of the midsole, the material is BioMoGo DNA.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is included in the Seattle's "Cushion" silo and has an adequate weight of 312gr for men and 272gr for women. The drop is 12mm. A shoe for training based on filming or competitions if these are above all longer than short. Profiles of all kinds can be used, but without a doubt those who have a medium or high weight will be able to squeeze it to the maximum.

The official price for Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 was € 140.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19, Women's Running Shoes, Blue (Blue / Aqua / Ebony 417), 38 EU
Price: € 109.00

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