News : Chemnitzer FC: Daniel Frahn distances himself from fans of the club

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Chemnitzer FC: Daniel Frahn distances himself from fans of the club

After racist and anti-Semitic remarks ex-player Daniel Frahn has criticized the behavior of fans of the football third division Chemnitzer FC and threatened with legal action. "These unacceptable comments from parts of the fan appendix that offend players, racers, racists and anti-Semitic are totally unacceptable - these people are excluded from the club," Frahn wrote in a Facebook post.

During the 2: 2 at Bayern Munich II CFC supporters had abused, according to the club CEO Thomas Sobotzik as "Judensau" and solidarized with the quit striker Frahn. The words "Thomas Sobotzik, you Judensau" and "Daniel Frahn at least not a Negro" should have fallen. The DFB has now initiated investigations.

"An absolute low blow, which I perceived with great dismay, was the saying of my name in connection with a racist insult," wrote Frahn: "At this point, I dissociate myself clearly from such remarks and will reserve me criminal action, should mine Name continues to be used in connection with right-wing insults. "

"Incredible derailments"

The CFC had terminated Frahn in early August because of his alleged proximity to the right scene. By contrast, the 32-year-old has sued before the Labor Court Chemnitz. A first quality date is scheduled for mid-September. After an earlier incident, Frahn had already stressed that he was "no Nazi".

Also insolvency administrator Klaus Siemon has criticized the recent insults of some CFC fans sharp. "These are incredible, unfair gaffes against their own team, and the fan scene trying to put this into perspective has failed completely," said the 60-year-old in an interview with the "kicker."

"Of course, all these events make me think," Siemon said. He too had become "the target of hatred in the south curve". But the club leadership does not want to give up the fight for more tolerance. "We - and here I mean the athletic leadership team around managing director Thomas Sobotzik, head coach David Bergner, assistant coach Sreto Ristic and my person as well as the shareholders - have started with the clear order: The GmbH is a bulwark against right-wing radicalism," said Siemon: "That's what we stand for and fight for, that's why we are fighting!"

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