News : Chemnitzer FC: The fan group “Section Diversity” is threatened, the association does little

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Chemnitzer FC: The fan group "Section Diversity" is threatened, the association does little

The Chemnitzer FC is in the late summer of 2019 in chaos. A home-made mess, including an official memorial service for a self-confessed Nazi, a tough bankruptcy and separation from the controversial Captain Daniel Frahn. The club is facing the end.

A general meeting on Monday was supposed to get the club back on track. But the election of a new Supervisory Board failed. Thus, the Chemnitz FC is virtually unable to act.

For example, the CFC continues to be preoccupied with itself and does not manage to protect itself from fans who oppose the right - and thereby endanger themselves.

Section Diversity

"Section Diversity" banner

This was also evident on the weekend before, as part of the cup match against Hamburger SV. A member of the fan section "Diversity Section" reports an incident after hanging a flag with the logo of the fan club in rainbow colors and the terms "cosmopolitan" and "tolerant" during the game.

The game had been played for a quarter of an hour when Stefan R. (Name changed, d. Red.) left the stadium of Chemnitzer FC. Behind the exit, the CFC fan was approached by a tall, well-built man. He held Stefan R. by the arm. At least two more men came, apparently they had been waiting extra. The man holding on to Stefan R. said: "Because of the flag - if it hangs, we'll pop you off." Another: "Get rid of the city."

This is how Stefan R. told SPIEGEL. The confrontation does not even last a minute. But the threats have stalled, they follow Stefan R. in the following days, as he tells in phone calls.

When the club broke the contract with captain Frahn earlier this month because of its proximity to right-wing CFC fans, the Chemnitzer earned much applause. It was a clear sign against the right, so the tenor of those. In the stadium, however, one looks in vain for similar signals on which one could read that the club faces its problems. The exception is the "section diversity" flag.

That they represent a minority in the stadium, Stefan R. and his Fanklubfreunde often feel. Against the HSV, the banner hangs on the east stand above the staircase to block three. Actually, a place on the west grandstand was provided. But that prevents a folder in a harsh tone. In block seven, right next to the south curve, in the center of the Chemnitz Ultras are, was no place (later, however, the space remains empty there). Instead, block three. There, the flag had been removed two weeks earlier in the league match against Meppen and thrown to the ground, says Stefan R. This time it remains hanging.

Chemnitz fans with solidarity statement for Frahn

REUTERS / Hannibal Hanschke

Chemnitz fans with solidarity statement for Frahn

From the opposite side of the large font on the banner is hard to read, the little not at all. For a long time, a white poster with a black elf is hanging a meter away. It is part of a broad expression of solidarity with Frahn. The fan favorite and top scorer of the preseason, which was vitally important for the third-division winners without a fight, mourn many fans afterwards. The separation was said by the association, it was committed in the shareholder agreement to be a "bulwark against right-wing radicalism."

This fits in with "Section Diversity". The fan club exists only since the summer, comprises only eleven members. In a fan scene where right-wing, violent-minded hooligans still have a lot of power, such initiatives are needed to build a counterweight in the stands.

"One beer drunk too much"

The responsible persons in the club also see this. The Anti-Racism Commissioner Daniel Maaß tells the SPIEGEL that the "Section Diversity" is important for his work, because he "just wanted to strengthen the civil-cultural fan scene". A club spokesman says: "We have to see that we protect ourselves from such people who stand up for the values ​​of the Basic Law." A sentence that makes clear the problems of the association. But what does this protection look like in a specific case?

The club weighs down. The incident after the HSV game stood for nothing, it was probably "a few individuals who do not share this view politically or have a beer too much drunk," says a spokesman. "That's why you can not believe that everybody in Chemnitz rejects the commitment of the Section Diversity or threatens danger on every corner, which is not the case."

Hooligan expert Robert Claus sees it differently: "This is to be taken very seriously, it is not just about right-wing threats at the stadium visit, but about everyday protection for anti-racist fans of the CFC."

Statements of the CFC fans in the match against Hamburger SV


Statements of the CFC fans in the match against Hamburger SV

A reaction on the part of the club would have liked the fan club already at home match against Magdeburg last weekend. Already early in the week the "Section Diversity" presented the fan representative Ralf Bernsdorf first ideas: Another banner, a call of the club before the kick-off.

Ultimately happened around the game against Magdeburg: nothing. A banner saying "0 percent violence - 100 percent CFC" is not allowed in the stadium. The event manager refers the fan club to the fact that he missed the deadline to officially register the action. The Anti-Racism Commissioner Maass would have hoped for more goodwill: "Actually, I would wish that one is just a bit more generous, because it's about the right thing and important club goals."

In the place of determination appears to have been restraint

The club also reads no statement against Magdeburg. The team and the sports management in the current situation would not want to bother, says the fan representative Bernsdorf. The club spokesman points out that one prefers to seek solutions in direct exchange with the initiative. Concretely, nothing has happened yet.

On the club side, there are doubts about details in Stefan R.'s stories about the threat. "That there was this dispute is, I believe, not to doubt," says the club spokesman. "It is most unfortunate that such a thing happens, we condemn that." And yet there is some uncertainty as to what exactly happened: "It's more about the kind of intensity, about how immense the actual threat situation was, but there are different statements."

The fan representative Bernsdorf says: "Whether it is a concrete case, that will be examined very carefully and will be cleared up." However, a spokeswoman for the Chemnitz police said in response to a request that she was not aware of any inconsistencies with the case.

In the place of the determination, which had shown the association still at the Frahn-dismissal, seems to have come in the meantime restraint. For "Section Diversity" it makes it all the more difficult to establish oneself in the stadium. The group already has a hard time there anyway. As for the fan club, Stefan makes it dependent on how the club behaves: "If nothing comes, the flag will not hang soon."

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